Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm neglecting this space again !

I think my life is like super boring this week with more and more school work piling . Despite my 2 days of very free weekend at home i think i merely touched 1/10 of my dnt work . whereas actually i'm spending my weekend watching one piece -.- k wtf . Fucking no motivation k .

I went out ytd night to meet lina and wq at the library wanting to borrow some books but i ended up doing my maths work and the library was closing ._.

Sports day was on friday ! Pasta mania at zhilin's house before cabbing over there . k wasting of money much .

Ah yesssssss i guess i'll be updating this space soon ! Like real soon ! And i've gotta start on my costume and material hunting before more school work comes .

Have gotta stop this massive eating .. gaining 6kg isn't something fun k . My jogging weekly is going to be useless . fugggggg gotta do it twice a week !!!

Motivational workshop for the next two days . damn .


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