Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ohyea hiiii ! [:

I gave a miss to the workshops and was at home the two days ! i was pretty determined to do my work ytd though ... but i ended up watching one piece almost throughout the day ! HAHAHA . but yes i did anyway !!
Woke up today and realise sist didn't go work ! so went to get mc tgt . and we bloody waited like an hour plus -.- Went library afterwards ! finally got my books ! heh .

finally felt more like holidays now . Asp tmr !

My addiction now !

One piece ! And the hottest guy around .. ~
sanji yo ! HAHA . I'm like at epi 123 ! awesome shiet . still kinda !@#$% that they actually were still on the arabasta story for like almost 30 epi ! -.- I'm so damn tempted with the arabasta versionsssssssss it's so prettttaye ! K NO . no more plans -.- gotta finish up costume firstt zzzzzzz .

。。。。 还是觉得有点。。 三十集也太。。 路飞每次都让我笑得喘不过气 ! 。。。。 他妈的! 不能再看了啦! 应该开始 K 书了。。。。。。。。。


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