Tuesday, March 01, 2011

ohyea .

*NOTE TO SELF : gotta stop taking free food for granted and resulting for the major gain of weight . k this is damn sinful cos my sis just asked if i wanted mac nuggets with the 1 for 1 coupon thing and i agreed . k wtshit .

omg i feel like a bitch now hahaha i swear . but too bad you deserve it .

k . K . YES
K . bloody fuck . i had the temptation to tear down my screen , like BLOODY HELL . my fgod . i can't believe i went out with this guy for a month . K . okay i really gotta stop harping on it and just LET IT GO . the vulgars in my mind are now running in circles .

not bad uh . Now facebook seems like a place for you to find g/bfriends . don't you realise ? the more i think bout it the more it seemed like a joke to me .

now i asked myself ; what am i doing la sia . -.-

HERE . hehe . click like if you happen to have the account ! ;D

kk bye shits i can't open my eyes already .


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