Saturday, March 26, 2011

OKAY ! waiting ? Here it is ! [:

One of my fav shots [: so cute omg so bhb .

and yes ! this is me heheh .

Above are william's photos . Thankyou very much !

There's still lots more but i think i shall not upload them heh . :3

Will upload weijiat's one soon ! [:

Thinking which one to upload on dA ~ weeeeeee .

ohhhhhh . My saturday night was with zong fey shawn lina and qi ! zoey couldn't make it and ah guan literally off-ed her phone ........ ._. But anyway we all had a good laugh during pool sessions . we were all laughing at shawn's plaster on his nose which looks like he got into a fight with someone else . hahah ! i think super xiasuay scream alot . hahah ! Home at 1 [:

Shall re-do SS video tmr , compile dnt photos , physics wb , ss worksheet . that is if i have the motivation . HAHAH okay no i must at least re do ss video . K it's gonna be 2 ! Eyes been super heavy since 11pm , i think it's like cos of the 3 sets of lash . -.- k shall turn in soon !

* Note to self ! Return library books !!


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