Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Suppppp .

2nd day w/o mom . We had to do all the laundry after my school/sis's work , prepare dinner for dad whom dk how to heat up the food using microwave and went to work w/o having his dinner ......... my dad is super cute .

But anyw , mom went back to indonesia for qing ming festival . and will only be back on sat . So which means we had to survive on our own . Food wise not much of a problem since most of us ate outside . except dad . but when it comes to laundry it was pretty problematic as sis and i both got home pretty late . and yes . idk how to use a washing machine . so i had to wait till sis come back home , wash the clothes , WAIT for the clothes to be finished washing and hang them up . By the time everything was done it was like almost 12am .

and so i gave a miss to school .

i didn't know i'm that hardworking towards dnt .

Oh i'll promise to upload the photos during the weekend ! [: [:

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