Saturday, April 02, 2011

Before anything , watch this first :D

I swear this is one of the cutest sample i watched so far . Seriously just watch it !

It's like gg to be 2 now and i have to wake up early tmr for sao mu . But all this cute stuffs are so addictive ! I can't stop watching them now omg . Well i like cooking , so all this lil stuffs interest me alot . HAHAH like kawaii right ;D I'm watching them all !

wedthursfri , cook dinner for family . PASS ! awesome okay dad said i cook awesome food [:

I just returned home bout an hour or so from meeting wanqi zhilin and lina . Super tired today ]: damn shag .

Oh ! photos will be up tmr ! when i'm back from sao mu alrights ! i'll watch a little more and off to bed . Goodnights all :3


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