Saturday, April 16, 2011


first of all , happy birthday to my dearest wanqi ! Promised her a 4 layered box with all her fav food last year , which i didn't do it in the end . So i wanted to make her that this year !! but only 2 layers though wahaha . strawberries and prawnsssssssssss ! :D Shall go make the 4 layered one for our picnic ^^

So guan came my house at 7 and we started doing all the way till 10 . And i even wanted to make my candy apple ....... ]: surprised kind of failed when wanqi saw zong and people at mac HAHA . k so the plan was this . me and guan was supposed to meet her for study and we fly her aeroplane on purpose . so we did and lina went to meet her . But that few guys went to mac first thinking she's not there and she saw them ._. plan abit fail but i guess she's still shock from the appearance of me and guan wahahhaa :D

Super nice cake k . ^^

Slacked at mac , then to mr prata for breakfast/supper LOL . it's like damn scary to walk in the middle of the night when we started talking bout ghost stories and thinking something weird in somewhere at that corner . Everyone is goddamn funny ^^ home at 5 .

need to bathe bathe batheeeeeee den meet ms ng later ! sakurafest this friday leh .. ]:


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