Monday, April 11, 2011

Soy'C ~

so was at anna's as usual , late AS USUAL . and the weather was goddamn hot as usual . make up was melting much when we reach the interchange . and sensed one group of people shooting at us on the train . lol .

bishie kaito lolol .

anyw event itself was pretty boring . finally met with friends that didn't meet for longggggg ! like since the last event which was last year . shoot with william and photogs ! then went for dinner at clementi hohoho . Dinner was super awesome . we just literally hogged on to their dslrs and spammed photos hehehe . william's cam , 3kg to camwhore with . LOL .

Too many photos . LOL

shityi as taiga ahhhhhhhhhh .

when the both of us miss macross cosplay so much . LOL we just got into character of sheryl and ranka .

and sup all :D

i tried making candy apples ytd ! i saw so many of them eating on sat that andy's gan gor gave and i didn't tried it beforeeeeeeee so i tried making them ytd . which was goddamn awesome . super sweet , but was melting much . damnnn niceeeee

and so i went to buy more apples today after school . tried making them with the formula andy's gor gave .. and it ended up ............ chaota . ]: and i intended to give them out lehhhh . walao . but mom wouldn't allow me to keep them at home .. so ._. shall still give them ....... T.T walao eh . nvm will make better ones with strawberries and grapessssssss :D

k super shag one leh . ]: ]:


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