Monday, May 30, 2011

Anyeong hasehyo people !

Just a lil update recently ~

Material hunt w anna on sat ! Decided to go JAF last min , and we bumped into Alfen and ppl at somerset mrt which they are heading to L2P ! so we joined them lo ~ small shoot for us after that heheh .

Went to food fair w family ytd ! A bloody bad choice to go on a sunday .. A good thing is that i'm tall and mom wouldn't have a hard time looking ard for me HAHAHA . I overate my breakfast ytd morning and... i was having a very bad day the whole afternoon . Super sick omg .

i found the best bei bei mian !!!!! This was the brand i had in taiwan last year ! it's so fucking awesome i swearrrrrr . Kind of costly but it's so damn good . really . 4 for $10 so i bought 4!!! SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT MOREEEEEEE but there's only two flavours -.- Singapore doesn't have the Beef flavour that i had in taiwan ! But i rmb the last food fair mom bought the eel one and i ate it . Fucking heaven i swear . It has real meat in it . SERIOUSLY . MY FAV CUP NOODLE WHICH CANNOT BE FOUND IN SGP !@#$%^

Anyw ~ Having a bad start for my O lvl MT paper . Guess what . i was late . I THOUGHT i wouldn't be late . So i slowly stroll when i was near my house . And NOT A SINGLE secondary school student in sight . Until i was near East spring , i saw adeline on the bus , and realising there's no one near the school . Then i realise i might be late and i RAN TO SCHOOL . wtf -.- And it was morning . Sweating like a pig and sitting for the exam is NOT awesome at all .

MT paper = GG . I can't secure my A1 alr ........ T^T fucking sad .

Gotta do my costume tmr or something arghhhhhhh COMEON I CAN DO IT ~!

Epic convo of me and suju fan .

W: SuJu fan here!
X: SHINee fan here!
W: I'm with T-ara fan.
X: I'm meeting AKB fan.
W: Nana fan at downtown. The other AKB fan not meeting.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sad , worried and alot other mixed feelings .

2 big bad news for me today .

Afa is on 11thNov11 . When my O lvl last paper is on the 14th . I heard it's not a weekend -.- don't have to put it on a weekday just to have a nice date .

2nd bad news . Mom told me dad got sack today . For some reasons the boss gave , dad was extremely angry . when dad got sacked , means lower income ( i don't even know what we're gonna survive on . probably bro . ) , and the lorry that we have been using for years , belongs to the company and has to be returned .

FYI , dad sends me to school every morning w the lorry , then he goes to work . This means that i have to wake up earlier to walk to school . no more sleeping till 6:40 and still have dad to drive at max speed to bring me to school .

w.o the lorry we can't have family outing at random places in a big grp ( my family is big anyw. ) Dad is extraordinary quiet during dinner today . i'm really worried . Mom says he'll need to return the lorry in 2 days time . Tmr will be my last day w the lorry .

Really nothing can describe my feelings now . Sis isn't around to share the pain . i really feel like crying .

Now what i wanna do . Study well , get good grades , get in poly and find a stable job that i'm able to take care of mom and dad .

why is everything happening at the wrong time

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sorry but key is my first priority hehehe . i can't seem to pause at the sexy part of maknae's that both me and zoey loved . ♥.♥

Alr feeling that my holidays are coming ......... when there is around a month more a school ._. crapppppp

Gambatte minna ! Just this 4 months more ! 4 months only !!! Jiayou please buck up ong xinhui .

June = Crucial time . jiayou

Distractions :

- Stop getting distracted in class thinking about key/taemin

- stop thinking bout cosplay omg .

- THE HEAT O.M.G biggest distraction

- stop falling asleep arghhhhhh

Thursday, May 19, 2011

- SHINee fever from 2 years back got to me again after watching hello baby .

- We've been starting to play Dance Dance Revolution recently , Mom suggested to sponsor me a dancepad holyyyyyy . I shouldn't agree to it right .. ._. Bad year .

- Whole family is sick , sis mom dad and i . well almost WHOLE , cept the 2 brothers that are overseas . Took half day today .

- Intensive Mother Tongue starts from tmr onwards . Which totally spoils our plan for tmr's outing . k fuck .

- i . failed my english for mye . that's a real bad thing .

- I'm really not in any of the mood to start any shit revision . I wonder how the kids in E1 can cope w pure sciences . crazehhhhhhhh .

- Midst of learning lucifer . it's so hard .

- spammage of shinee songs now now now hahahhaa . dinga ding ding

- RP i'm coming for you ......

- really need to learn sewing on my own , i've been urging mom to help me sew but i don' wanna do that cos she's sick ]: gotta finish the costumes asap . it's my last event before O's afterall...

IASP for MT is totally fun . wow .

Sunday, May 15, 2011

ogie . I'm currently high on caffeine right now . Thus spammage in twitter . So , gomenasai people . -bows-

anyw i went to the lousiet and shittiest wedding ytd. China waitress have the lousiest service srsly zzz .

anyw love my look ytd !

thanks lina for the lens from taiwan ! :D

And this was me w lisi last night . She seemed bored so i let her watch tom and jerry on funshion w her on my lap . which is a total bad choice cos she kept coming to me today wanting to sit on my lap to watch while i was watching hello baby ._.


Saturday 14thMay

ah qi and i went scape to find our saturday gang ppl , cos they wanted to go to the opening of their AKB48 shop ._. which literally shocked us at the length of the queue of ppl waiting to go in . so we went to the hand shake meeting instead , which is also and eye opener for us to see jap fanboys of akb. HAHAH

went to fey's house for ddr after . and SO ARE WE NOW . HAHAHAH


Thursday, May 12, 2011

ohmygod blogger's down with error this afternoon and i couldn't upload any pictures , now that they're finally done ! phew

okay today's on how to vote for me ! HAHAHA

it's not tedious at all not tedious ~ and THAT is my photo below .

In case you dk how to vote for me , i marked out the ' like ' sign . Sign up and vote ! :D

You can vote until 6 june ! So till then please ask your friends and families to vote for me ! HAHAHA .

Many thanks and loves to people who have been voting for us ! you guys have been damn awesome \0/ Continue to vote alrights ! [:

Link to website here :

every vote counts so do help alrights ? [: love you guys !

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i think i should do a proper post hahah

we had our mother's day dinner w my relatives , which was NOT at all enjoyable . food SUCKS and we just had to sit with my auntie who was giving her jiao face throughout the dinner .

When we were young we were ignorant , now that we grew up we finally realise how ugly their hearts actually are , why boast ? why are you such a hypocrite ? why do you like to bully my mom ? Why can't you just treat all your children the same ?
Is it really important to have a son as a child ? that even dad is your son yet you don't wanna stay in w us cos mom gave birth to daughters ?

I never knew all this until mom talked to us ytd . I'm glad mom likes daughters , i'm glad mom didn't treat sis and i differently because we were girls not boys . I don't see much difference from a girl and a boy , i mean as compared to capability . I trust girls could do much more than a guy .

I'm starting to detest gg for gatherings w my relatives .

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Hi xmm . This is for you .

sorry for the wordy post ahead but this is just too hilarious that i have to blog it .

If you still remember me being fucking pissed off at this certain blogshop owner ( B if you rmb HAHAHA if not check out my few blogpost behind ), i met her today . Since today i'm gg marsiling mrt to meet another buyer , i told B i'm gg to meet her since i'm around red line area . She said she couldn't come to the mrt station , i told her i could go ANYWHERE i want . so i went to somewhere near her house .

I swear . she's a fucking big joke . I went with my sister because we're going for mother's day dinner after , so my sis came with me . And when we're about to reach , i received a call from B , and to think it's a guy's voice . When i reached i saw this guy coming towards me ( i assume it's B's brother ), with a bag . My sis was like asking where is B . AND SHE'S LIKE FAR APART . HAHAHA she was standing at a far distance behind , and i knew sis were gonna ask where's B . so sis called B over , and demand a apology from her . And B rolled her eyes and went ' I'm sorry . ' OH FUCK YOU , i don't remember seeing a SORRY from your text , sis went on reprimanding her ( feeling fucking awesome now ) and she just kept quiet .

B is fucking joke . she could vulgar and say all sorts of shit to wanqi thru text , and now she met me and fucking kept her mouth shut . AND EVEN CALLED HER BROTHER DOWN . omg i just buay tahan . really joke . Lame xiao mei mei be lame .

If you don't have the ability to rebut back at the person face to face don't be a coward and hide behind your phone or your brother who DON'T EVEN KNOW anything about the case . But anyw the items i got were perfectly fine . so i'll just let it go . An apology is enough for me . If B had done that in the first place i wouldn't need to go down all the way to yishun . But i wanted that apology . If you didn't do anything wrong , why should you be scared ? seriously . -.- and really , so what if your items are pretty rare around de net ? given your attitude towards customers . seriously -.-

My sister is fucking awesome muahahhaa i think the reason sis is pretty flare up is because of the weather . we got down at the wrong stop and had to walk one bustop , i think that's why she's angry . HAHAHA too bad bitch . I'm NOT gonna buy any fucking shit from you ever again . HAHAHA .

suck on that bitch .

Friday, May 06, 2011



Ok , i just need you guys to vote for me . K it's a cosplay competition , (which is like my first time entering hohoho) ANYWAY .


Okay people , this is actually VERY SIMPLE . you have to sign up for an account at

I KNOW it might look abit tedious but please do help ok ! create one account and you can vote for me EVERYDAY ~~~~~ LOL . i know some of you guys might just click until the sign up part and just [ X ] it cos it's so tedious . but please do help ok ! my first time entering a competition i don't want to kenna kick out at the first round T.T Just tell me if you voted for me and i'll give you a sweet . HAHAHA . I HAVE IT OKAY !! Starting from today onwards please do vote for me ~~~~ :D

Sign up for account - fill in your particulars - wait for activation email - activate - VOTE !!!

okay actually it's pretty simple right ! ^^ Yes if not you can go to my facebook profile and a link is shared by me . [: easy as 1 2 3 ~~~~~ wee HAHAHA .

okay damn it's 3.30am alr . vote and i'll love you guys max . muacks .

Monday, May 02, 2011

it's been 6 hours and i'm still pissed off now .

if you've been following my twitter or we're frds on fb , you would have known that i'm goddamn pissed off today by this irresponsible blogshop owner .

k probably i should name her as B to make it less confusing . ( actually it's bcos her name is bitch under my contacts hahaha )

K i ordered items from B about a month ago , which has wanqi's birthday present and a wallet i bought for myself . thinking it would reach here by wanqi's birthday , i didn't bother much . 2 weeks passed and wanqi's birthday was over . Then our items arrive . Obviously i didn't want to delay wanqi's present for so long , i text B if i could get my items asap since it was for a friend's birthday present . She told me she don't do postage , a mass meetup would be held in may . But i could get the items earlier if i want provided i go to her secondary school to collect , which is at yishun .
Like hello ? i don't mind if it's at yishun MRT but why must you make me go all the way down to your school ? wanqi told me she wanted to see her present so she doesn't mind going to B's school . so i gave wanqi B's number so it's easier for them to communicate . they were supposed to meet up last friday , which is 29thapril , Friday . B then said on friday she couldn't make it , but since wanqi couldn't make it also , we didn't mind that .

Then B told us there'll be a mass meetup on Monday 2May . she text wanqi that and wanqi replied OK . i couldn't make it cos it's 12 - 1.30pm and i'm afraid i couldn't wake up on time . so wanqi went there alone . When wanqi is otw , she's afraid that she's late so she text B that she's coming alr but a lil late . and B said OK .

Now when wanqi reached . B fucking told her she forgot to bring our items . wanqi didn't have the voice to argue back with her cos she's sick and having bad sore throat . B even told her to turn left and tap out of the control station . Means she knew wanqi is coming , but she claim that wanqi didn't tell her she's coming .

Wanqi then inform me that the person didn't bring . Obviously i got angry . After knowing what happened between them i text B , initially i wanted to go down to yishun , follow her to her house and get my items from her . She told me she had many customers but don't save their numbers and didn't know that wanqi is coming down . If B is smart enough she would have save their numbers and told wanqi that she didn't bring our items when wq is alr otw . NOT when wanqi reached then say ' Oh i forgot to bring , you didn't tell me you're coming . ' Have some common sense will you ? So i told her ' how about you traveling to tampines and i tell you 'oh i forgot to bring' ' ? she bloody told me it's not a big deal .

k anyw B changed her mind that she'll register postage to me . Probably thinking in mind that she didn't want to meet me (HAHAHHA) i wanted to agree to that but she started vulgar-ing wq on text and wq is furious about it . And insist on me meeting her .

And so i'm going to meet her after her exams .

As a blogshop owner , she should know that customer's are always right ( actually i don't really care about that but hahaha ) she kept saying she don't have time cos she's having her exams . If her exams are more important then why open a blogshop when you can't handle it properly ? if you can handle things with more responsibility it's okay . But not when you keep giving shit excuses and blaming your customers . Please , have the tendency to double check with your customers , and also not arguing back with them .

i heard B even gave wrong sizes to my juniors who ordered . wow totally hahaha .

anyw this is her link .




i'm putting this everywhere on the net so as to let people know how 'responsible' she is .

*anyw good job for ruining my study day .

* NEW NEWS ! updated at 9:30pm .

this is damn joke i swear . now she insist on postaging me , saying ' isn't it better if postage ? '

FYI , pls read her web and it clearly stated ' WE DON'T DO POSTAGE . ' she is damn joke .

sorry kid . too bad but i really want to see your jiao face much . i told her i'm willing to wait until her exams are over and i'll go ANYWHR she wanna meet . seriously la . why you so joke ? why you can talk so much shit over text and now don't dare meet me ? JOKE .


actually i think i'll scare her off anyw . Giant ma ...... >:

Sunday, May 01, 2011

actually i realise i have ALOTTTTTT of videos to upload . but either too unglam or that others dont want me to upload . they're all damn interesting i swear hahaha .

so sup kidsssssss ! it's sunday and there's no god damn school tmr ! yea man \m/

... and so i was thinking how did i stay awake today with merely 7 hrs of sleep . ok la actually quite avg . but i rmb i was super tired la ! anyw ! like our weekly routine we'd meet up every sat night for studying , but no one seems to be available cept the guys . lina was with her boyf and wq is sick at home . and shawn happens to be at tamp (again) , they asked me down for dinner with them . at mr prata . AGAIN ~~~ HAHA . ok and as we were deciding where to go , someone suggested to go my house for i-cant-rmb-what . but i think ah fey said he wanted to mahjong . and the 3 of them was like physcoing me to come up my house .

and they did la . lol . lina came ard 10 or 11 , and we played till 5am until i really cmi and chased them all out HAHAHA omg dejavu . they all damn cool went for breakfast prata . HAHA . walao we might as well live in prata shop man .

and i woke at 12 . only?! k crazy shit . today was spent fruitlessly . very shittttttttty ]: study tmr . k bye shit~ ^^