Sunday, May 01, 2011

actually i realise i have ALOTTTTTT of videos to upload . but either too unglam or that others dont want me to upload . they're all damn interesting i swear hahaha .

so sup kidsssssss ! it's sunday and there's no god damn school tmr ! yea man \m/

... and so i was thinking how did i stay awake today with merely 7 hrs of sleep . ok la actually quite avg . but i rmb i was super tired la ! anyw ! like our weekly routine we'd meet up every sat night for studying , but no one seems to be available cept the guys . lina was with her boyf and wq is sick at home . and shawn happens to be at tamp (again) , they asked me down for dinner with them . at mr prata . AGAIN ~~~ HAHA . ok and as we were deciding where to go , someone suggested to go my house for i-cant-rmb-what . but i think ah fey said he wanted to mahjong . and the 3 of them was like physcoing me to come up my house .

and they did la . lol . lina came ard 10 or 11 , and we played till 5am until i really cmi and chased them all out HAHAHA omg dejavu . they all damn cool went for breakfast prata . HAHA . walao we might as well live in prata shop man .

and i woke at 12 . only?! k crazy shit . today was spent fruitlessly . very shittttttttty ]: study tmr . k bye shit~ ^^


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