Monday, May 30, 2011

Anyeong hasehyo people !

Just a lil update recently ~

Material hunt w anna on sat ! Decided to go JAF last min , and we bumped into Alfen and ppl at somerset mrt which they are heading to L2P ! so we joined them lo ~ small shoot for us after that heheh .

Went to food fair w family ytd ! A bloody bad choice to go on a sunday .. A good thing is that i'm tall and mom wouldn't have a hard time looking ard for me HAHAHA . I overate my breakfast ytd morning and... i was having a very bad day the whole afternoon . Super sick omg .

i found the best bei bei mian !!!!! This was the brand i had in taiwan last year ! it's so fucking awesome i swearrrrrr . Kind of costly but it's so damn good . really . 4 for $10 so i bought 4!!! SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT MOREEEEEEE but there's only two flavours -.- Singapore doesn't have the Beef flavour that i had in taiwan ! But i rmb the last food fair mom bought the eel one and i ate it . Fucking heaven i swear . It has real meat in it . SERIOUSLY . MY FAV CUP NOODLE WHICH CANNOT BE FOUND IN SGP !@#$%^

Anyw ~ Having a bad start for my O lvl MT paper . Guess what . i was late . I THOUGHT i wouldn't be late . So i slowly stroll when i was near my house . And NOT A SINGLE secondary school student in sight . Until i was near East spring , i saw adeline on the bus , and realising there's no one near the school . Then i realise i might be late and i RAN TO SCHOOL . wtf -.- And it was morning . Sweating like a pig and sitting for the exam is NOT awesome at all .

MT paper = GG . I can't secure my A1 alr ........ T^T fucking sad .

Gotta do my costume tmr or something arghhhhhhh COMEON I CAN DO IT ~!

Epic convo of me and suju fan .

W: SuJu fan here!
X: SHINee fan here!
W: I'm with T-ara fan.
X: I'm meeting AKB fan.
W: Nana fan at downtown. The other AKB fan not meeting.


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