Sunday, May 08, 2011

Hi xmm . This is for you .

sorry for the wordy post ahead but this is just too hilarious that i have to blog it .

If you still remember me being fucking pissed off at this certain blogshop owner ( B if you rmb HAHAHA if not check out my few blogpost behind ), i met her today . Since today i'm gg marsiling mrt to meet another buyer , i told B i'm gg to meet her since i'm around red line area . She said she couldn't come to the mrt station , i told her i could go ANYWHERE i want . so i went to somewhere near her house .

I swear . she's a fucking big joke . I went with my sister because we're going for mother's day dinner after , so my sis came with me . And when we're about to reach , i received a call from B , and to think it's a guy's voice . When i reached i saw this guy coming towards me ( i assume it's B's brother ), with a bag . My sis was like asking where is B . AND SHE'S LIKE FAR APART . HAHAHA she was standing at a far distance behind , and i knew sis were gonna ask where's B . so sis called B over , and demand a apology from her . And B rolled her eyes and went ' I'm sorry . ' OH FUCK YOU , i don't remember seeing a SORRY from your text , sis went on reprimanding her ( feeling fucking awesome now ) and she just kept quiet .

B is fucking joke . she could vulgar and say all sorts of shit to wanqi thru text , and now she met me and fucking kept her mouth shut . AND EVEN CALLED HER BROTHER DOWN . omg i just buay tahan . really joke . Lame xiao mei mei be lame .

If you don't have the ability to rebut back at the person face to face don't be a coward and hide behind your phone or your brother who DON'T EVEN KNOW anything about the case . But anyw the items i got were perfectly fine . so i'll just let it go . An apology is enough for me . If B had done that in the first place i wouldn't need to go down all the way to yishun . But i wanted that apology . If you didn't do anything wrong , why should you be scared ? seriously . -.- and really , so what if your items are pretty rare around de net ? given your attitude towards customers . seriously -.-

My sister is fucking awesome muahahhaa i think the reason sis is pretty flare up is because of the weather . we got down at the wrong stop and had to walk one bustop , i think that's why she's angry . HAHAHA too bad bitch . I'm NOT gonna buy any fucking shit from you ever again . HAHAHA .

suck on that bitch .


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