Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i think i should do a proper post hahah

we had our mother's day dinner w my relatives , which was NOT at all enjoyable . food SUCKS and we just had to sit with my auntie who was giving her jiao face throughout the dinner .

When we were young we were ignorant , now that we grew up we finally realise how ugly their hearts actually are , why boast ? why are you such a hypocrite ? why do you like to bully my mom ? Why can't you just treat all your children the same ?
Is it really important to have a son as a child ? that even dad is your son yet you don't wanna stay in w us cos mom gave birth to daughters ?

I never knew all this until mom talked to us ytd . I'm glad mom likes daughters , i'm glad mom didn't treat sis and i differently because we were girls not boys . I don't see much difference from a girl and a boy , i mean as compared to capability . I trust girls could do much more than a guy .

I'm starting to detest gg for gatherings w my relatives .


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