Monday, May 02, 2011

it's been 6 hours and i'm still pissed off now .

if you've been following my twitter or we're frds on fb , you would have known that i'm goddamn pissed off today by this irresponsible blogshop owner .

k probably i should name her as B to make it less confusing . ( actually it's bcos her name is bitch under my contacts hahaha )

K i ordered items from B about a month ago , which has wanqi's birthday present and a wallet i bought for myself . thinking it would reach here by wanqi's birthday , i didn't bother much . 2 weeks passed and wanqi's birthday was over . Then our items arrive . Obviously i didn't want to delay wanqi's present for so long , i text B if i could get my items asap since it was for a friend's birthday present . She told me she don't do postage , a mass meetup would be held in may . But i could get the items earlier if i want provided i go to her secondary school to collect , which is at yishun .
Like hello ? i don't mind if it's at yishun MRT but why must you make me go all the way down to your school ? wanqi told me she wanted to see her present so she doesn't mind going to B's school . so i gave wanqi B's number so it's easier for them to communicate . they were supposed to meet up last friday , which is 29thapril , Friday . B then said on friday she couldn't make it , but since wanqi couldn't make it also , we didn't mind that .

Then B told us there'll be a mass meetup on Monday 2May . she text wanqi that and wanqi replied OK . i couldn't make it cos it's 12 - 1.30pm and i'm afraid i couldn't wake up on time . so wanqi went there alone . When wanqi is otw , she's afraid that she's late so she text B that she's coming alr but a lil late . and B said OK .

Now when wanqi reached . B fucking told her she forgot to bring our items . wanqi didn't have the voice to argue back with her cos she's sick and having bad sore throat . B even told her to turn left and tap out of the control station . Means she knew wanqi is coming , but she claim that wanqi didn't tell her she's coming .

Wanqi then inform me that the person didn't bring . Obviously i got angry . After knowing what happened between them i text B , initially i wanted to go down to yishun , follow her to her house and get my items from her . She told me she had many customers but don't save their numbers and didn't know that wanqi is coming down . If B is smart enough she would have save their numbers and told wanqi that she didn't bring our items when wq is alr otw . NOT when wanqi reached then say ' Oh i forgot to bring , you didn't tell me you're coming . ' Have some common sense will you ? So i told her ' how about you traveling to tampines and i tell you 'oh i forgot to bring' ' ? she bloody told me it's not a big deal .

k anyw B changed her mind that she'll register postage to me . Probably thinking in mind that she didn't want to meet me (HAHAHHA) i wanted to agree to that but she started vulgar-ing wq on text and wq is furious about it . And insist on me meeting her .

And so i'm going to meet her after her exams .

As a blogshop owner , she should know that customer's are always right ( actually i don't really care about that but hahaha ) she kept saying she don't have time cos she's having her exams . If her exams are more important then why open a blogshop when you can't handle it properly ? if you can handle things with more responsibility it's okay . But not when you keep giving shit excuses and blaming your customers . Please , have the tendency to double check with your customers , and also not arguing back with them .

i heard B even gave wrong sizes to my juniors who ordered . wow totally hahaha .

anyw this is her link .




i'm putting this everywhere on the net so as to let people know how 'responsible' she is .

*anyw good job for ruining my study day .

* NEW NEWS ! updated at 9:30pm .

this is damn joke i swear . now she insist on postaging me , saying ' isn't it better if postage ? '

FYI , pls read her web and it clearly stated ' WE DON'T DO POSTAGE . ' she is damn joke .

sorry kid . too bad but i really want to see your jiao face much . i told her i'm willing to wait until her exams are over and i'll go ANYWHR she wanna meet . seriously la . why you so joke ? why you can talk so much shit over text and now don't dare meet me ? JOKE .


actually i think i'll scare her off anyw . Giant ma ...... >:


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