Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sad , worried and alot other mixed feelings .

2 big bad news for me today .

Afa is on 11thNov11 . When my O lvl last paper is on the 14th . I heard it's not a weekend -.- don't have to put it on a weekday just to have a nice date .

2nd bad news . Mom told me dad got sack today . For some reasons the boss gave , dad was extremely angry . when dad got sacked , means lower income ( i don't even know what we're gonna survive on . probably bro . ) , and the lorry that we have been using for years , belongs to the company and has to be returned .

FYI , dad sends me to school every morning w the lorry , then he goes to work . This means that i have to wake up earlier to walk to school . no more sleeping till 6:40 and still have dad to drive at max speed to bring me to school .

w.o the lorry we can't have family outing at random places in a big grp ( my family is big anyw. ) Dad is extraordinary quiet during dinner today . i'm really worried . Mom says he'll need to return the lorry in 2 days time . Tmr will be my last day w the lorry .

Really nothing can describe my feelings now . Sis isn't around to share the pain . i really feel like crying .

Now what i wanna do . Study well , get good grades , get in poly and find a stable job that i'm able to take care of mom and dad .

why is everything happening at the wrong time


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