Thursday, May 19, 2011

- SHINee fever from 2 years back got to me again after watching hello baby .

- We've been starting to play Dance Dance Revolution recently , Mom suggested to sponsor me a dancepad holyyyyyy . I shouldn't agree to it right .. ._. Bad year .

- Whole family is sick , sis mom dad and i . well almost WHOLE , cept the 2 brothers that are overseas . Took half day today .

- Intensive Mother Tongue starts from tmr onwards . Which totally spoils our plan for tmr's outing . k fuck .

- i . failed my english for mye . that's a real bad thing .

- I'm really not in any of the mood to start any shit revision . I wonder how the kids in E1 can cope w pure sciences . crazehhhhhhhh .

- Midst of learning lucifer . it's so hard .

- spammage of shinee songs now now now hahahhaa . dinga ding ding

- RP i'm coming for you ......

- really need to learn sewing on my own , i've been urging mom to help me sew but i don' wanna do that cos she's sick ]: gotta finish the costumes asap . it's my last event before O's afterall...

IASP for MT is totally fun . wow .


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