Sunday, June 26, 2011

hi all~

neglecting this space again and again .

time passes so fast that now , cosfest'11 is over and school is tmr. gna update a lil heh .

We went to wq's cousin's holiday flat last thurs, lina zhilin and i cycled over there, and we all spend the night there ! the usual cliques . The most embarrassing thing happened to me. Not to say i'm very drunk and i'm more of high. i laughed i screamed i cried . damn paiseh can and the worse thing your friends can do is to video you down -.- and idk why i found a photo in ma phone....

yes thats me on the floor

few of us toh ard 3 , a few others crapped THRU OUT THE NIGHT omfg -.- i was damn tired k. until like 7-8 all of us were asleep cept for wq LOL. last man standing . And taekwando fight w zhilin in the morning . -faint- and we had to cycle back under the hot sun......... T^T

Cosfest was today and ytd !

I did Sheryl white gown on day 1 and miku canterella on day 2 [: You wouldn't want to know how it feel to wear long gowns w 3-4 thick layers of pannier in it under hot sun.....

Both days were pretty awesome ! i got awesome photos from weijiat william alfen and TH ! TH got the best photo srsly, gna upload when i received from him!

if you can see LOL

Heavy dress be heavy, we can't sit down or something. kana looks like a potato when she sits LOL. running ard for shoots here and there ~ day 1 be awesome [:

Day 2 was w anna as ma kaito ! feel my miku look so much better from last year ! kinda satisfied. we went home pretty early today as we were tired . [ like obviously not . it just irritates me to see fucktards here and there ]

kaito be bishie ranka be kawaii ~ trying to see if i can make it for stgcc [: brand new cos ! bet hentai pehpeh will come .__.

School? What's school ?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

hardcore sewing past few days .

Left to do :

Sheryl + ranka's armwarmer , Sheryl's dress , Ranka's ribbon

Miku's dress , Kaito's blazer .


THERES ALOT OF SEWING TO DOOOOO T^T hope all can get in time ahhhhhhh ~

Cosfest countdown : 5 more days .

Thursday, June 16, 2011

...... updates soon k people . it's been like my everyday life to Dnt from 8 - 5 , home , sew part of my costume , sleep , and it starts again the next day . and it just seem like my artefact never finishes . fuckkkkkk .

well , apart from hardcore dnt , at least i have something to look forward to . [:

cosfest .

it'll be my third year this year . can't wait ~ Be cosplaying on both days . Catch me at Downtown east on the 25th and 26th June people ! :D

K gonna dinner and finish up my arm warmer . jaaa

Monday, June 13, 2011

anyeong people !

yes i think i'll just update once every week LOL .

Bedok 85 w ah na and ah qi on last thursday ! den i kind of slacked my friday off . Www w 4 of my sisters and kaijun ! was pretty awesome cos there's no sun AT ALL ! cos it was raining pretty heavily before hahaha . Then the usual sat people came my house again but i was extremely exhuasted after swimming so they didn't ton .

and yes sunday . i went for a bridal event thing , which is NOT . and i thought it was at first . i agreed to it steadily cos i get to wear a wedding gown ! i thought at first , which i ended up wearing just a dress ._. and ya know what . i was giving out flyer at the link between suntec convention and marina sq . and YES I WAS THERE . i was on my heels and the dress is fucking thick and tight . a guy friend whom was the ' groom ' was in this tgt w me as well , and he was expected to wear formal w blazer -.- wtf pls he gave up after 1-2 hrs and removed the blazer lol ! regretted much to agreeing to this shit . but i get to wear a dress anyw T^T

and this is it ..~

Ms ng's sick again today and so there's not dnt AGAIN today . spent my day watching show and sewing ! and ... i transformed this ...


This !!

i know it's not very obvious it's a flower anyw . LOL it's damn ex omg -.- gotta sew on ribbons and my headdress is done ~ ^^ heh so pretty can !

mom is back from indonesia today and two of their luggage got left behind there . you should see the commotion at our house when they reached .. lol .

gotta get some Zs ! nights all !

bless me coughing all night long .

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

opps hahaha sorry for neglecting this space again .

i wanted to like update few weeks ago but blogger didn't allow me to upload photos wtf idkwhy but yea .

school's been a sucker really . i had to literally drag myself outta bed today . yes . it just sucks that much to go to school . i kinda thought of i wouldn't pass my O's though . haha .

yes i was sewing cosfest costume like last week . and i loveeeeeed this so much k ! blue is a real pretty colour ~ :D :D part of costume is like actually done but i wouldn't want to reveal much HEH . you guys will know if you come for cosfest ^^ DTE ONLY WHATTTTTT . so near ~

anyw . comifest 2 were on last sat . and guess what . it sucked as much as the first one . firstly the location is terrible . not considering cosplayer's w long gowns etc would get dirty in that kind of place . secondly THERE'S NO BLOODY INDOOR AIRCON WTF . that's even worse for cosplayers wearing 2cmthick coats covering from their head to toe and not forgetting their thick makeups on . we had to resort to gg to the bowling area for rest . even i wearing just a plain sleeveless dress was sweating like some shit furthermore i see other friends of mine w long hair thick long dress thick makeup . k wtf in conclusion , no more comifest for me .

i'm wondering if i can finish cosfest day 2's costume in time T^T mom's not done w anna's ...~ and not to include the laces arghhhhhhhh . ok don't stress .

gotta get over w this shit and done w.