Monday, June 13, 2011

anyeong people !

yes i think i'll just update once every week LOL .

Bedok 85 w ah na and ah qi on last thursday ! den i kind of slacked my friday off . Www w 4 of my sisters and kaijun ! was pretty awesome cos there's no sun AT ALL ! cos it was raining pretty heavily before hahaha . Then the usual sat people came my house again but i was extremely exhuasted after swimming so they didn't ton .

and yes sunday . i went for a bridal event thing , which is NOT . and i thought it was at first . i agreed to it steadily cos i get to wear a wedding gown ! i thought at first , which i ended up wearing just a dress ._. and ya know what . i was giving out flyer at the link between suntec convention and marina sq . and YES I WAS THERE . i was on my heels and the dress is fucking thick and tight . a guy friend whom was the ' groom ' was in this tgt w me as well , and he was expected to wear formal w blazer -.- wtf pls he gave up after 1-2 hrs and removed the blazer lol ! regretted much to agreeing to this shit . but i get to wear a dress anyw T^T

and this is it ..~

Ms ng's sick again today and so there's not dnt AGAIN today . spent my day watching show and sewing ! and ... i transformed this ...


This !!

i know it's not very obvious it's a flower anyw . LOL it's damn ex omg -.- gotta sew on ribbons and my headdress is done ~ ^^ heh so pretty can !

mom is back from indonesia today and two of their luggage got left behind there . you should see the commotion at our house when they reached .. lol .

gotta get some Zs ! nights all !

bless me coughing all night long .


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