Tuesday, June 07, 2011

opps hahaha sorry for neglecting this space again .

i wanted to like update few weeks ago but blogger didn't allow me to upload photos wtf idkwhy but yea .

school's been a sucker really . i had to literally drag myself outta bed today . yes . it just sucks that much to go to school . i kinda thought of i wouldn't pass my O's though . haha .

yes i was sewing cosfest costume like last week . and i loveeeeeed this so much k ! blue is a real pretty colour ~ :D :D part of costume is like actually done but i wouldn't want to reveal much HEH . you guys will know if you come for cosfest ^^ DTE ONLY WHATTTTTT . so near ~

anyw . comifest 2 were on last sat . and guess what . it sucked as much as the first one . firstly the location is terrible . not considering cosplayer's w long gowns etc would get dirty in that kind of place . secondly THERE'S NO BLOODY INDOOR AIRCON WTF . that's even worse for cosplayers wearing 2cmthick coats covering from their head to toe and not forgetting their thick makeups on . we had to resort to gg to the bowling area for rest . even i wearing just a plain sleeveless dress was sweating like some shit furthermore i see other friends of mine w long hair thick long dress thick makeup . k wtf in conclusion , no more comifest for me .

i'm wondering if i can finish cosfest day 2's costume in time T^T mom's not done w anna's ...~ and not to include the laces arghhhhhhhh . ok don't stress .

gotta get over w this shit and done w.



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