Friday, July 08, 2011


and so i was thinking . should i quit blogging for good? i mean i've been blogging for near 5 years now and i'm actually restricted to what i blog . but then again , no point quitting my 5 years hobby for being restricted . it's mine and i can do what i want with it . so yeah .

back to the topic , lack of updates due to having spend 3/4 of my whole week in school , not including my self studying time . We had a hardcore day in school today though it's friday , 2nd dateline for dnt was to pass up our presentation board . i couldn't make it with my artefact , ( which still haz hope heh ) we were doing dnt from 1 - 6/7 . okay obviously including fooling around . hahaha kinda stressful while having to think it's the bloody O lvl dateline to pass up this damn thing and have to draw accurately . i should have taken a photo man , recalling back now it's kinda hilarious LOL can you imagine the whole room was filled with papers ? yes on the tables and on the floors EVERYWHERE . stationeries , books files and more papers . Everyone was going in and out from the lab . and so was i LOL Koh's group was next door in the lab using computers to do their work while WE ( Ng + chin ) had to do it with the basic pencils and erasers . 39 students in one room? havocccc .

Things were much much better at the end of the day when i finished my work and listening to mdm chin complaining about the work of her students . i was giggling at a side listening to her while rendering my isometric . And as usual how chin locks us in not letting anyone to leave without clearing up the mess , but still we get to sneak out anyw HAH .

So that concludes my friday .

btw anyone else screwed up their MT o lvl oral ? i did .

It's harder than i expected....................T^T

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