Friday, September 30, 2011

anyeong haseh yo minna san !

It's 10:58am on a saturday morning. What am i doing blogging like now?

argh darn bad morning. bet it's due to the bad night last night. had gastric/cramp ( can't even feel which is which lolol ) , nose was bleeding out of a sudden and the blood vessel in my right eye burst which resulted in stinging pain and blood shot eyes D: i wore lens after 4days eh... i'm sure i gave my eyes enough rest T.T

Sis had to irritate me this morning by not closing the door and i'm still on my bed wtf. urghhhhhhh.

I skipped 3 days of school the past week hahaha hey! i was out studying alrights D: wani just couldn't understand that that fact i HATE the class and school and i can't concentrate when i'm tired. ah well just 9 more days to graduation. i.fucking.can'

well it's october alreadyyyyyyy i have to fucking wake myself up that this is the crucial period. yes we have stepped into O's month~~~ and the fact that i'm not pushing myself hard enough. urghhh gambatte gambatte D:

and just my luck that cousin's wedding is on afa day 2. great. i can only go for day 3 and end my last paper after afa.

Bought lotsa cosmetics but i have no chance to use them~~~ T.T O LVLS WHY . i remembered myself 9 months back thinking O lvls is just 9 month away... and now it's A MONTH AWAY eh no LESS THAN THAT. and how i can slack thru my lower sec life + sec 3 lololol .

i'm the coolest kid on earth ya. hahaha can't wait to begin my LIFE after exams. god.

i think i shall have my lunch and prep for tution later on . Jaaaaaaaaaa

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not funny i tell you. Not funny.

Eating too much a day IS SERIOUSLY NO GOOD.

fuck die me pls kkthx.

Prelim results still die.

getting fatter

left eyelid been twitching for half an hour ( like the fuck?! what is gna happen huh car crash? ...CHOY )

i miss going out .

i really wanna go taiwan w sisters. pls hope they are all free ! I WANT NIGHT MARKETS......

need to cut my hair. dye my hair. reborn my hair. get a new curler. treatment for my hair.

need to do my nails.

get more wigs. costumes. makeups.

more shoots.

more events.

and. pray this one month be over. asap.

Friday, September 16, 2011

omg hi why am i updating ! Felt like i needa update this dead space a lil hehe since i had too much fun today -3-

well ANYWAY , O's is in just 39 days (? or 35) okay somewhere there, yes i must buck up/pull up my socks etcetc. Wani was literally screaming at us today and i can kinda guess she's tired of scolding alr lol.

Sept holi ended 5 days ago and it's the weekends tmr! to think the last week of today i was working....... yes , i was working w ape at some yishun place . i rmbed i worked till 10:30pm on fri night and ape and i was dead otw home. And we had to report for work at 8:15am the next day, mind you its YISHUN. and so i woke at 6am lol.

look at my 6am makeup face lol. well work was really , absolutely , bloody tiring. i had so much to complain on! irritating kids, annoying aunties, absurd weather etcetc.. but still it's pretty fun for me! it's like a funfair anyw and ape and i was in charge of the games stall.. i had the fucking longest queue k. and to think for the first one hour i was ALONE DOING THE JOB. until boss came and place some guy w me. well we both died after abt 5 hrs. try picking up nerf gun bullets every 2 mins for 5 hrs. + fucking annoying aunties. lol. my menses cramp just had to come that day, it was fucking horrible.

ended the whole fair at around 3+ and we started packing everything when ape and i was literally dying in one corner lol. nonetheless thanks shawn for the job ! ^^ *funds added to tw trip. yessssss*

this was on natsu matsuri.. looking at this photo reminds me of how we often go out at night to 'study' ended up fooling ard and prata-ing our night away. it's been long since the 6 of us went out tgt... after exams ppl!! [:

many loves to zoey for teaching chem!!! i had so much trouble learning extraction of iron today.. still i love ah zo for teaching T^T love ni~~

okay! shall catch some Zs and replenish my sleep for tmr's studying again! DINNER TMR WOOOO

Saturday, September 03, 2011

sup ducks . it's been a good 2 months since i last posted huh . Well yes i'm really extremely bored right now .

This 2 months have not been great . Life revolves around shits horrible people studies craps , well life is all about that isn't it .

And i was reading my past blog posts , this 2 years have been pretty eventful for me . People come and go , i have come to realize to cherish the people who have been with me thru the hard times i had . Thank you guys very much . As for the people who went , it must be a bad period for me and you , nonetheless good luck with your life .

Enough with that and move on with my current life . Studies is still choking me as ever , been eating too much outside with cliques recently , i've been catching up on the movies/dramas i missed out .

I still very much enjoy whatsapping with the usual guys despite they spam and hang for the first time and it started hanging the next few times . I mean , they are great friends . really . I could speak freely with them without having to fear . Yes to be honest i do , last time . I fear talking with friends that might cause them to quarrel with me but not now . I love my current clique . They are humorous , nothing to fear , and we go anywhere we want ! And yes namely ;

Wanqi Shawn Zhilin Zonghan Zoey Lina Jeffrey . They have got to be the best guys on earth . Cos i start to realize i've been laughing much , from my heart and not just on the face .

Prata during midnight , Holiday flats , ghost stories , Pool till late nights , DDR , Mahjong overnight , GOOD FOOD , making a fool out of ourselves in the public , natsu matsuri and of cos whatsapp hahahaha .

been great this few months .

The people around does really matter alot . and i'm glad i found my right one