Friday, September 30, 2011

anyeong haseh yo minna san !

It's 10:58am on a saturday morning. What am i doing blogging like now?

argh darn bad morning. bet it's due to the bad night last night. had gastric/cramp ( can't even feel which is which lolol ) , nose was bleeding out of a sudden and the blood vessel in my right eye burst which resulted in stinging pain and blood shot eyes D: i wore lens after 4days eh... i'm sure i gave my eyes enough rest T.T

Sis had to irritate me this morning by not closing the door and i'm still on my bed wtf. urghhhhhhh.

I skipped 3 days of school the past week hahaha hey! i was out studying alrights D: wani just couldn't understand that that fact i HATE the class and school and i can't concentrate when i'm tired. ah well just 9 more days to graduation. i.fucking.can'

well it's october alreadyyyyyyy i have to fucking wake myself up that this is the crucial period. yes we have stepped into O's month~~~ and the fact that i'm not pushing myself hard enough. urghhh gambatte gambatte D:

and just my luck that cousin's wedding is on afa day 2. great. i can only go for day 3 and end my last paper after afa.

Bought lotsa cosmetics but i have no chance to use them~~~ T.T O LVLS WHY . i remembered myself 9 months back thinking O lvls is just 9 month away... and now it's A MONTH AWAY eh no LESS THAN THAT. and how i can slack thru my lower sec life + sec 3 lololol .

i'm the coolest kid on earth ya. hahaha can't wait to begin my LIFE after exams. god.

i think i shall have my lunch and prep for tution later on . Jaaaaaaaaaa


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