Friday, September 16, 2011

omg hi why am i updating ! Felt like i needa update this dead space a lil hehe since i had too much fun today -3-

well ANYWAY , O's is in just 39 days (? or 35) okay somewhere there, yes i must buck up/pull up my socks etcetc. Wani was literally screaming at us today and i can kinda guess she's tired of scolding alr lol.

Sept holi ended 5 days ago and it's the weekends tmr! to think the last week of today i was working....... yes , i was working w ape at some yishun place . i rmbed i worked till 10:30pm on fri night and ape and i was dead otw home. And we had to report for work at 8:15am the next day, mind you its YISHUN. and so i woke at 6am lol.

look at my 6am makeup face lol. well work was really , absolutely , bloody tiring. i had so much to complain on! irritating kids, annoying aunties, absurd weather etcetc.. but still it's pretty fun for me! it's like a funfair anyw and ape and i was in charge of the games stall.. i had the fucking longest queue k. and to think for the first one hour i was ALONE DOING THE JOB. until boss came and place some guy w me. well we both died after abt 5 hrs. try picking up nerf gun bullets every 2 mins for 5 hrs. + fucking annoying aunties. lol. my menses cramp just had to come that day, it was fucking horrible.

ended the whole fair at around 3+ and we started packing everything when ape and i was literally dying in one corner lol. nonetheless thanks shawn for the job ! ^^ *funds added to tw trip. yessssss*

this was on natsu matsuri.. looking at this photo reminds me of how we often go out at night to 'study' ended up fooling ard and prata-ing our night away. it's been long since the 6 of us went out tgt... after exams ppl!! [:

many loves to zoey for teaching chem!!! i had so much trouble learning extraction of iron today.. still i love ah zo for teaching T^T love ni~~

okay! shall catch some Zs and replenish my sleep for tmr's studying again! DINNER TMR WOOOO


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