Saturday, September 03, 2011

sup ducks . it's been a good 2 months since i last posted huh . Well yes i'm really extremely bored right now .

This 2 months have not been great . Life revolves around shits horrible people studies craps , well life is all about that isn't it .

And i was reading my past blog posts , this 2 years have been pretty eventful for me . People come and go , i have come to realize to cherish the people who have been with me thru the hard times i had . Thank you guys very much . As for the people who went , it must be a bad period for me and you , nonetheless good luck with your life .

Enough with that and move on with my current life . Studies is still choking me as ever , been eating too much outside with cliques recently , i've been catching up on the movies/dramas i missed out .

I still very much enjoy whatsapping with the usual guys despite they spam and hang for the first time and it started hanging the next few times . I mean , they are great friends . really . I could speak freely with them without having to fear . Yes to be honest i do , last time . I fear talking with friends that might cause them to quarrel with me but not now . I love my current clique . They are humorous , nothing to fear , and we go anywhere we want ! And yes namely ;

Wanqi Shawn Zhilin Zonghan Zoey Lina Jeffrey . They have got to be the best guys on earth . Cos i start to realize i've been laughing much , from my heart and not just on the face .

Prata during midnight , Holiday flats , ghost stories , Pool till late nights , DDR , Mahjong overnight , GOOD FOOD , making a fool out of ourselves in the public , natsu matsuri and of cos whatsapp hahahaha .

been great this few months .

The people around does really matter alot . and i'm glad i found my right one


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