Monday, October 31, 2011

2 subjects down people.

just this week. i just need to study 3 more subs and i'm OUT FOR LIFEEEEEEEE. and i just don't give a shit to chinese and science mcq paper. hahaha.

tmr's chemistry paper and i don't know anything about chem at all. well cept for organic chem that i requested maths tutor to teach me ytd hehe. ahhhhh ottoke D: i wasted my saturday watching one piece ~ D: so today full force geography and yes i finally finished it \0/ missed out one chapt though cos devt is too boring . ]:

recently very nervous ah~ at home watch tv nervous, on bed play games nervous, study nervous, right now also nervous T^T wouldn't die ba ~

2 more weeks to afa! miss cosplaying much. can't wait to debut~~~





但如果是yong hwa 的话~~~~~ 就不一样啦~ 好可爱啊!!会音乐的男生要抓紧!!哈哈哈



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