Tuesday, October 04, 2011

..So, i was sick these 2 days. Had fever on sunday night, actually in fact the whole day but i didn't realized it until at night.. LOL. very very very bad headache for the whole day.

Mom was going to indonesia on Monday, very abrupt notice. As one of my indonesia auntie was in the hospital and surviving on the tubes that was connected from the machine to her. Mom is back around an hour ago telling me what happened back there. Now i know who this auntie is.. i seriously felt damn sad and i really wanna cry. It must be so heart wrecking for her family members.. Mom told me that her husband was by her side 24/7 and didn't wanna leave, he was asked back home by his family members, he went home, he cried. real hard.

Mom said she can't feel this auntie's legs, it was cold. like a dead person's legs.

after listening, i kinda wished that i didn't knew any friends at all. Esp the sisters/cliques i'm w now. I don't wanna be thr at the hospital having to see them going thru all this. surviving on tubes.

damn sad.

And fever is coming back, gone, back, gone. -.- headache is really.

.............................i'm slow dying in process.


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