Monday, October 24, 2011

damn demoralized after english paper. so i kinda thought i should blogged a little before starting on maths ]:


this was ytd morning before paper ]: fucked up hair with fucked up face and so i literally fucked my paper up T^T

my forever messy forever no time clean makeup desk ]: no time is just an excuse ~

and my d&t artefact!~ probably nvr gna see it again~ ah my darling ]:

and this was about 3 months ago when i worked for peelfresh ]: jurong ok mind you. and cute jelly mascot \0/

and this ]: cut it by accident when i wanted to use the shaver to trim my eyebrows ]: LIKE SUAY OR WHAT T^T ! i stoned and went jelly . WAHHHHHHH~ T^T

been jogging for the past week, gotta prove it wrong to my relatives!!!!! it's so annoying when they start comparing you and your sister. when my sis gyms like thrice per week cos gym is available at her office. nb.

And also watched paranormal activity 3 on sat abruptly, asking the guys down w zoey and wanqi . and as usual, i didn't watch much. T^T but still understood the story watching 1 and 2..

like stress !! like about 18 or 19 days to afa which means the end of O lvls~~ please end it soon ]: i had high hopes on science practical so please maths be easy~ i'm dying to get into tp.

......... ok can bath - lunch - start work. anyeong~


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