Sunday, October 09, 2011

it's offically . 14 more days to O level written paper .

and guess what , i didn't attend school the whole of this week. well yea i went to the library almost everyday though, was good . it was until thurs wani text me to go back school which... i obviously rejected HAHAHA. but ah studying is reaaaaaaaally boring. i mean not to say the content but i cant imagine myself having to study the whole of my life o_______o meh.

my studying life . wakeup > washup > library > study/eat/study > home > nua > sleep

and the cycle repeats the whole of this week. i can't fucking believe myself T_T well graduation is next wed...... and i have no intention of going. really. wani literally opt me out of RSL just to make me go back school. k cool. but still. i can say i'm really sick and tired la. really. i would very much rather study one fucking whole week than to go one day of school. YES i hate school that much. prolly not when i'm up to poly. Stand in my shoes and you'll know how i feel.

ah well~ can't wait for afa ^^ which hengly or suayly lies on the weekend before my last paper. eh cool or what -.- but well last paper's science mcq and till now i have no single idea of any science topics. so yea. but i'm 100% done for afa! HAHAHAH actually wanted to chiong another cos since it's a two days event but i'm down for cuz wedding on sat. suayz.

ohyea have i mention ? i went to a nail seminar w sis last month and i registered for the course. LOL. 4k course and mom said she wanna sponsor weewooweeeeee. but means i have to chiong for taiwan trip ! but i have no idea when to start. danggg. ah well shall decide as the time comes.

for you people who have been missing my camwhores HAH



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