Monday, November 28, 2011

yet another nail post


i think i will post once in awhile when thr's something interesting happening! and thr's none cos i haven't really been going out cept meeting qi or few of my girls for dinz or talkcock sessions.

saturdays ain't the same saturday i used to have ._. went down to bugis last sat to last test trail the dress we rented for bro's wedding. went to look for jae awhile and very qiao gotten myself a job there also HAHAH okay cool. went down to hollandV at night to have dinner at CrystalJade in celebration of dad's and grandma's birthday. feel super super guilty cos i forgot dad's birthday ._.

went down Sitex on sunday night w qi to look for lina and shawn at work. i didn't realise they opened 3 halls for sitex -.- so me and qi walked in circles among the human jam for half an hour and we were there at 8+. sitex closes at 9. -.-

Jae came over my house today to do her nails! I feel super stress cos it's somewhat my first time doing on human nails ._. did lina's on fake nails which was much easier. she wanted hellokitty for mani and clouds for pedi! ta-dah~

Feel supersupersuper bad cos i kinda messed up a lil on her hellokitty!! hands were shaking a lil. Didn't know even coffee milk could cause it ._. but it looks pretty cute! from far. hahaha!! jae's nails were in pretty good condition as in the size and all. i could do better with bigger nails. ah well hope she likes it! hehe :D

think i can only do my nails tmr for bro's wedding since there'll be shitloads of people coming to my house today from indonesia. The first time in my life having the whole of indo family coming over to sg. i don't even wna think where i'm gna sleep tonight.. -.-

i can bet 3/4 of bro's wedding is filled with indo ppl........ ~


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fresh new !


Have you realized?! yes i finally changed the bloody blogskin..... i think thruout my blogging years i changed less than 10 skins leh HAHA cos i hate meddling with templates lol make me dizzy ._.

Removed links and all unnecessary shitz. changed my archives format too! ah love it! so much neater this way ^^

i'm sorry for the random chinese word for header. Haven't really thought of making one but yes i will. ( gah so lazy ]: )

ANYWAY, done with renewing my blog, I'm more motivated to blog now hahaha! okay great.

And SINCE i do not have a job, i'm so free now that i can finally practice my nails! I did Lina's nails for her prom 2 days back. it was super super rush as i had to go out of house like at 3pm and she arrived at my house at 1pm + . Which means i had less than 2 hours to do her nails! but luckily i could change my timing for my appointment which i went out of house at 4pm+ AND STILL 15mins late . too rush to take pic of her nails D: kinda love it cos it's pinkXblack! black goes well with any colour~~ ^^

Would be doing ahqi's nails for her prom which is next sat! test trail a few designs for her to see ytd and would be doing it like hopefully this few days for her! keke ^^

And also have to plan my nail design for bro's wedding..~ ah hate doing it myself....

Currently with no cosplay ordering since my account left with $2..... shag max. but would be one piece and Ao No Exorcist next! ^^ okay can can't wait alr. [:

ahh tsukaretaaaa ~

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

herrow all! finally picked up my lazy ass to blog on afa!

Didn't attend Day 2 due to cuz's wedding ( boring obviously didnt even set my hair ) so i went down on sunday ! Since i got my costume and everything WAAAAAAAAY before Os i didn't have to worry chionging last min LOL. Did Saeko Busujima from High School of The Dead ! seriously i had a hard time portraying her as she was sort of a cool yet a lil flirtatious kindof girl. KINDA RIGHT. LOL. and the thing is i know it myself i don't look good not smiling. so the photos all ended up pretty jiao. haha! weeeelllllll i had fun tho since she's a character i admire much [:

It's fun that it all matters right? [:~~ aites! important ppl down ahead!!!

anna had volunteering work at some booth in afa so she leave us like halfway ]: thus not much pics w her~~~~~ ]: top left 2 are yentl and vernice! and ofc kana as road!
cousin's husband's cousin AKA cousin in law cousin AKA CILC

cosplay is great huh.

Last but not least! my hubby!!!!!!!! ~~

probably the cutest guy living around me! ♥ love~~~~~

OH! and ofc much thanks to Negi for being my takashi! :D

Now that AFA AND Os are over.. i have to really get a job. Expenses are needed MUCH esp when i'm someone who doesn't have self controls. over food. I have to pay at least half of my nails course which is like 2k. cos i didn't want mom to fork out for me even actually lol. but 4k is really over mu budget so i reckon i'll prolly pay half and mom pay the other half for me ]: and also my taiwan trip next year with my sisters . which is also at least 2k. ]: And i haven got back my bianbian. fyi it's my pet hamster ]:

used to own a dozen but they ended up fighting against each other and all died.

in conclusion. neeeeeeeeeeeds a job. k. good. think im gna find a lao kok kok f&b job to subsidize first HAHAHAH

Teoheng with my sat dears today! probably shall wait another day to post up the pics! -voice breaks-


it's been almost a year. and i still can't let it go. this impulsiveness of mine is not getting me anywhr. I have to. I need to. Despite us still making fun of me on that case and i didn't mind ( really not at all ) but come to think of it. i still didn't really let it go. this is getting on my nerves and probably would haunt me forever.

Monday, November 07, 2011


since i just drank a whole cup of coke im damn high now i reckon i can blog w high spirits lol!

anyw! major exams are over for me!!!!!!!! darn happy. well, i gave my best shot! hope i can get good grades as well [: ( my first ever waking up at 5am to study okkkkk ~.~ )

and so sisters and i went out the very next day HAHA it's been so long since we last went to town! missed making up D:

computer seemed to have prob transferring my cam photos D: so i koped from zoey!

my pregnant jiejie.

my ah qi~

and the most annoying shit

this makes the 4 of us. HAHA

i camped home the whole day ytd and hogged onto one piece. ah~ robin chan~~ damn cried at the part whr she finally said she wanna stay alive D: ah well luffy crew suki des!

phokage asked me out for shoot ytd so i went out with him today! just returned home not long~ lens are hurting my eyes gotta throw them alr! but well! enjoyed the shoot!! :D

anyw i went mini solo shopping two days back! i'm a BIG fan of maybelline's product. hahah a pity i couldn't get their mineral loose powder D: think they took it off.. loved their eyeliner liquid foundation! so i reckon their concealer should be pretty good! and it sure is good! covers all my pimple scars! and stayed on almost the whole day! love it .

and still couldn't get my hands on the candy doll lipstick........ and dollywink lashes D: 买不下手。。

gna one piece! afa is this weekend! ~