Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fresh new !


Have you realized?! yes i finally changed the bloody blogskin..... i think thruout my blogging years i changed less than 10 skins leh HAHA cos i hate meddling with templates lol make me dizzy ._.

Removed links and all unnecessary shitz. changed my archives format too! ah love it! so much neater this way ^^

i'm sorry for the random chinese word for header. Haven't really thought of making one but yes i will. ( gah so lazy ]: )

ANYWAY, done with renewing my blog, I'm more motivated to blog now hahaha! okay great.

And SINCE i do not have a job, i'm so free now that i can finally practice my nails! I did Lina's nails for her prom 2 days back. it was super super rush as i had to go out of house like at 3pm and she arrived at my house at 1pm + . Which means i had less than 2 hours to do her nails! but luckily i could change my timing for my appointment which i went out of house at 4pm+ AND STILL 15mins late . too rush to take pic of her nails D: kinda love it cos it's pinkXblack! black goes well with any colour~~ ^^

Would be doing ahqi's nails for her prom which is next sat! test trail a few designs for her to see ytd and would be doing it like hopefully this few days for her! keke ^^

And also have to plan my nail design for bro's wedding..~ ah hate doing it myself....

Currently with no cosplay ordering since my account left with $2..... shag max. but would be one piece and Ao No Exorcist next! ^^ okay can can't wait alr. [:

ahh tsukaretaaaa ~


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