Wednesday, November 16, 2011

herrow all! finally picked up my lazy ass to blog on afa!

Didn't attend Day 2 due to cuz's wedding ( boring obviously didnt even set my hair ) so i went down on sunday ! Since i got my costume and everything WAAAAAAAAY before Os i didn't have to worry chionging last min LOL. Did Saeko Busujima from High School of The Dead ! seriously i had a hard time portraying her as she was sort of a cool yet a lil flirtatious kindof girl. KINDA RIGHT. LOL. and the thing is i know it myself i don't look good not smiling. so the photos all ended up pretty jiao. haha! weeeelllllll i had fun tho since she's a character i admire much [:

It's fun that it all matters right? [:~~ aites! important ppl down ahead!!!

anna had volunteering work at some booth in afa so she leave us like halfway ]: thus not much pics w her~~~~~ ]: top left 2 are yentl and vernice! and ofc kana as road!
cousin's husband's cousin AKA cousin in law cousin AKA CILC

cosplay is great huh.

Last but not least! my hubby!!!!!!!! ~~

probably the cutest guy living around me! ♥ love~~~~~

OH! and ofc much thanks to Negi for being my takashi! :D

Now that AFA AND Os are over.. i have to really get a job. Expenses are needed MUCH esp when i'm someone who doesn't have self controls. over food. I have to pay at least half of my nails course which is like 2k. cos i didn't want mom to fork out for me even actually lol. but 4k is really over mu budget so i reckon i'll prolly pay half and mom pay the other half for me ]: and also my taiwan trip next year with my sisters . which is also at least 2k. ]: And i haven got back my bianbian. fyi it's my pet hamster ]:

used to own a dozen but they ended up fighting against each other and all died.

in conclusion. neeeeeeeeeeeds a job. k. good. think im gna find a lao kok kok f&b job to subsidize first HAHAHAH

Teoheng with my sat dears today! probably shall wait another day to post up the pics! -voice breaks-


it's been almost a year. and i still can't let it go. this impulsiveness of mine is not getting me anywhr. I have to. I need to. Despite us still making fun of me on that case and i didn't mind ( really not at all ) but come to think of it. i still didn't really let it go. this is getting on my nerves and probably would haunt me forever.


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