Monday, November 07, 2011


since i just drank a whole cup of coke im damn high now i reckon i can blog w high spirits lol!

anyw! major exams are over for me!!!!!!!! darn happy. well, i gave my best shot! hope i can get good grades as well [: ( my first ever waking up at 5am to study okkkkk ~.~ )

and so sisters and i went out the very next day HAHA it's been so long since we last went to town! missed making up D:

computer seemed to have prob transferring my cam photos D: so i koped from zoey!

my pregnant jiejie.

my ah qi~

and the most annoying shit

this makes the 4 of us. HAHA

i camped home the whole day ytd and hogged onto one piece. ah~ robin chan~~ damn cried at the part whr she finally said she wanna stay alive D: ah well luffy crew suki des!

phokage asked me out for shoot ytd so i went out with him today! just returned home not long~ lens are hurting my eyes gotta throw them alr! but well! enjoyed the shoot!! :D

anyw i went mini solo shopping two days back! i'm a BIG fan of maybelline's product. hahah a pity i couldn't get their mineral loose powder D: think they took it off.. loved their eyeliner liquid foundation! so i reckon their concealer should be pretty good! and it sure is good! covers all my pimple scars! and stayed on almost the whole day! love it .

and still couldn't get my hands on the candy doll lipstick........ and dollywink lashes D: 买不下手。。

gna one piece! afa is this weekend! ~


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