Monday, November 28, 2011

yet another nail post


i think i will post once in awhile when thr's something interesting happening! and thr's none cos i haven't really been going out cept meeting qi or few of my girls for dinz or talkcock sessions.

saturdays ain't the same saturday i used to have ._. went down to bugis last sat to last test trail the dress we rented for bro's wedding. went to look for jae awhile and very qiao gotten myself a job there also HAHAH okay cool. went down to hollandV at night to have dinner at CrystalJade in celebration of dad's and grandma's birthday. feel super super guilty cos i forgot dad's birthday ._.

went down Sitex on sunday night w qi to look for lina and shawn at work. i didn't realise they opened 3 halls for sitex -.- so me and qi walked in circles among the human jam for half an hour and we were there at 8+. sitex closes at 9. -.-

Jae came over my house today to do her nails! I feel super stress cos it's somewhat my first time doing on human nails ._. did lina's on fake nails which was much easier. she wanted hellokitty for mani and clouds for pedi! ta-dah~

Feel supersupersuper bad cos i kinda messed up a lil on her hellokitty!! hands were shaking a lil. Didn't know even coffee milk could cause it ._. but it looks pretty cute! from far. hahaha!! jae's nails were in pretty good condition as in the size and all. i could do better with bigger nails. ah well hope she likes it! hehe :D

think i can only do my nails tmr for bro's wedding since there'll be shitloads of people coming to my house today from indonesia. The first time in my life having the whole of indo family coming over to sg. i don't even wna think where i'm gna sleep tonight.. -.-

i can bet 3/4 of bro's wedding is filled with indo ppl........ ~



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