Monday, December 26, 2011

Hey guys! It's 27thDec ! Have you guys had a wonderful christmas? ^^ i actually spent my christmas at home. sleeping. hahah seriously cannot be bothered but still having steamboat with my people on friday! can't wait to see them~

What i've been busy with....

actually nothing. hahah. it's now either work or just nua at home to rest. i love my life now man.

And guess what. i worked ytd, i told boss i would be late so i went at about 12pm. It's so fucking suay that my menses came and the pain starts coming in at about 1pm. which of cos i didn't bring the medicine. i thought about holding it till end of work which is like 10pm and by the time i reach home it's 11+ It's so motherf pain that i had black visions when i was in the toilet. And i just had to met some unhelpful singaporeans. Motherf. i couldn't tolerate and told boss i needa go home. URGH I FUCKING CABBED HOME. i doubt i would be getting that $15 pay and i wasted money cabbing home. great.

i just can't be bothered

almost all of the xmas gifts! cept a few which i gave alr hehe. and if you were thinking that very unusual shape that is in green packaging.. it's actually just deceiving you guys HAHAH cheapo me -_-

some day when i was going to work and this joker with his own style of fashion appeared before me.

we had a new display mug and boss did asked us to design it.. so i was the first to rush over and make it.. LOL. well.. there's no face of me on the displays ma!! ]:

What i've been doing recently !

Besides One piece ( like duh ) i've been watching this !

Smiling pasta!

I chanced upon the song few days back on youtube and it was soooooo nostalgic ! It's not the best storyline since this was aired like 5 years back hahaha but it's so cute! i mean i don't get why people dislikes cyndi wang! she's pretty and cute!

and of cos Nicholas Teo ! I like guys who can smile and he literally melts me HAHAH

and if you were thinking, this is the song !

hooked on it for several days alr. hahah! i would rate it 2.5 / 5 but giving that the casts are so adorable i gave it 3.5 ! ^^


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

...... you this bad boy ]:

you made me cried my night away after i ended work... ]: 

If you follow me on twitter you would know that i recently lost my hamster ]: i had 2 and both are syrians. I was busy working this few days, going out early in the morning and returning home near midnight. I could only feed them in the morning before i go work and after i return home. and i didn't have much time w them esp when i was dead tired from work. so i could only ask mom to give them some bites during the day and all. 
But mom couldn't replace me communicating with them, ( yes actually i talk to them. family are having second thoughts about me being in the house alr lol! ) 

So it was monday night when i just ended work, mom called me and told me that one of them 离家出走 , which actually means left house. i was so worried but i couldn't do anything except to rush home asap. mom told me she checked the entire house but could not find any trace of my hamster. I was holding in my tears thru out the train ride and the train was actually moving at snail pace T__T I rushed back home and not yet reach my house i started crying. I didn't have appetite for dinner and i searched the whole place and still not find him. My sister laughed at me straight when i had tears walking into my room. 

I guess no one really understands the feeling of losing a pet except people owning pets. 

I'm still very sad the next morning and pushed out the sofa and everything to search. I'm in fact pretty unsure how he went out of the house.. it was actually my fault for not closing the cage properly that caused him to run out. 

And so ytd i put the cage on the floor and some food surrounding it hoping it will come back. And if he didn't by the time i'm back home i would just give up. 

Still no sign of him when i'm back home.. ]: 

It's less than a month since we got together, i got you in mind that the female one wouldn't be lonely.. and you still left ]: If you feel you are happier outside so be it. Goodbye bianbian mummy would rmb you!! ( hate you at the same time you fucking waste my $23 cb. ) i still love you anyw [: and if you are able to come home you are still welcomed!! ( but i would stop supplying food for you for 2days as punishment nyahahha ok jk ]: )  

now i just hope the female one is pregnant! [: 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hey guys!

I went out with vernice ytd! she asked me out shopping clothes for her cruise, so i bought a few for myself too heheh.

we were at bugis and saw a large crowd over at the bugis square, and then to realized it's vanness ! It's hard to believe his looks changed so much from the F4 period to now. hahah! 

since we were at bugis so went to take purikura~ about 2years since i last took? LOL

we went somerset and for the whole day i told her how excited i was to meet the a&f dudes . if you have no idea what's that.. it's Abercrombie & Fitch and there were shirtless 6packs models outside the shop. we walked a long way just to look for them and just to find a freaking long queue outside the shop. And NO SHIRTLESS GUYS. mad sadness. Just my luck to go down town on the day of the opening of the shop ]:

Anyway it's friday and it's EOY and CF tmr, which is End Of Year and Comic Fest. Not going to any tho. work tmr ]: I would very much want to go cf but it's at msia and i already had problems saving up for taiwan trip ]: eoy is much ridiculous with the $12 or $15 entrance fee. so none. i have zero cosplans alr ]: okay yes probably one piece for next year.. but still ]:

2011 is ending soon! everyone ready for the new year? [:

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hello allll!!!!!!!

Day 3: Favourite scene

hmmmmmmmm... i don't really have one this is almost the same as Day 5 so i'll answer it in Day 5's qns [:

Day 4: Character you most dislike and why

I don't like spandum. He's useless and bullies robin!!!! And i hate all characters who talk too much. LOL.

Day 5: Favourite arc

TOO MANY . There's so many arc i like! Any arc that involves the whole of one piece crew i like [: Arabasta, impel down, thriller bark, water seven etcetc.. damn good. probably i like arabasta and water seven the best. cos vivi was with them in arabasta and i like how they worked tgt [: water seven cos they're die hard to save robin!

I thought i would be hardcore working every single day but ended up slots are taken up so i'll work the weekends again..~ work was pretty simple and not as hard i thought it would be. but it is definitely so tiring that i didn't expect ~.~ Thanks jae again for teaching me and taking me into the job HAHAHAH.

need another $2.2k more!!! URGHHHH i'm starting to think this is a dream alr..~

........sigh. don't know how to celebrate xmas alr ]: or maybe i should work on xmas and xmaseve. sigh.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Day 1: Favourite Straw Hat

Day 2: Favourite villain

Day 3: Favourite scene

Day 4: Character you most dislike and why

Day 5: Favourite arc

Day 6: Favourite CP9 member

Day 7: Favourite female character

Day 8: Favourite male character

Day 9: Favourite island visited

Day 10: One thing you liked/hated about

Day 11: One thing you liked/hated about Water 7 (or Alabasta)

Day 12: Favourite Jolly Roger (doesn’t have to be a straw hat)

Day 13: Favourite Manga Cover

Day 14: Favourite pairing (or your OTP)

Day 15: Favourite devil’s fruit ability

Day 16: Favourite background story

Day 17: Favourite temporary straw hat or teammate

Day 18: Favourite marine

Day 19: Favourite running joke or gag

Day 20: Favourite Luffy fight

Day 21: Favourite “crack” pairing

Day 22: Favourite One Piece animal

Day 23: Most annoying character, and why

Day 24: One Piece town/kingdom or island you’d like to live in

Day 25: Why/how did you start watching/reading One Piece?

Day 26: Character you are most like/identify with (be honest! :3)

Day 27: Character you’d want to be like

Day 28: Favourite Baroque Works member

Day 29: Favourite One Piece outfit (worn by any character)

Day 30: Why do you love One Piece?

chance upon this on facebook and find it interesting! i shall do it hahah probably not one per day i'll do as how many post to my mood lol!

I started watching one piece the start of this year, it is not very common of me to watch such a long series of anime but since everyone said it's nice i start watching! HAHA!

Day 1: Favourite Straw Hat
YES SANJI. There's no reason for any one of you NOT to like him! i mean like seriously! He's good looking, cute, humorous and most importantly. HE COOKS. He's like the best man ever yo. i would say i like robin too cos i pretty like her devil fruit power hehe. one thing i don't really like about sanji is that he smokes ]: but only that he smokes gave him the charm RIGHTRIGHTRIGHT?! ( but i still dislike smoking )

Day 2: Favourite Villain

Actually i don't really have a favourite villian in mind.. All the villains i liked became good eventually hahah. but if i were to choose i would say Alvida. Not a very eye catching character but since i'm gna cosplay her so HAHHA

oh god i must be so bored -_- probably gna be long till my next post since i'm starting work tmr yay! and so our plans for picnic chalet party all gna bombed since everyone else is working ]: meh.

Till then ! [:

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Bro's wedding & many frustrating things

hello!!! been really torturing this few days, i was so damn annoyed by the amount of people in my house. let alone to blog obviously.

Bro's wedding was last friday, and for my mom is a indonesian we have lots of indonesian relatives. And all of them were invited to bro's wedding. The worst thing is, they are staying at our house. Not that actually i mind the amount of people, i mind the noise -.- i can't take it when annoying aunties of mine starts talking and they have really loud voices. so i can't concentrate on my shows or anything. probably about 15-17 ppl living here. yes -.- i can't explained how m.f annoyed i am esp at night where my grandma & one of my aunt started chatting in my room when the lights are out. I was extremely dead beat and needed sleep, can you imagine they started chatting down there and i was fucking annoyed?!

can't explained how irritated i was this few days. but anyw bro's wedding went well and now it's over THEY ALL WENT BACK HAHAH YAY

when was this i don't even rmb hahah

my extremely adorable yet irritating nephew. he starts crying like at 6-7am every morning. very cute. but i no like.

on the day on bro's wedding!
Lisi, my niece ! she's so cute and more obedient as she's much older than her lil brother! we do our best to disturb her HAHA

family! [: and the newly wed hehe.
I look super hime that night! the food was damn awesome not the typical wedding food! bro had special orders for his wedding [: NOMZ. and when the food is good, my dress had to drag me down. it was damn bloody fitting and i had to take small breathes. occasionally i run to the toilet to remove my dress and takes in deep breathe. LOL. most delicious wedding dinner yet the most uncomfortable one.

After considering REALLY LONG. i went ahead to purchase the hamster which i used to own. [: thinking back it's about a year plus since the last batch of bianbian died. if you read my blog i used to own a pair of roboski , male and female. and they started to breed like mad likea sex machine yo. -.- serious. and it became a dozen. i had to buy a bigger cage to contain all of them. well yea they were super cute when they were a baby and all but not when they started fighting. i started finding small bald patches on a few and then a few dead, followed by triplets dying, and then all of them died. i was super sad that time and told myself i wouldn't get a hamster anymore but during my studying of Os period i was damn lonely can. ]:

So i got myself a Syrian ! ^^ i initially wanted a really fat and easily tamed one, which the net said syrian is. i'm starting to doubt it is..... ah well i'll head down to simei later on to get that male one [: she looks super lonely. i didn't want to buy a pair cos i fear that history repeats itself again, but it looks like a few of my frds are willing to adopt the babies from me! so i decided i'll get it later on! heheh.

Bought a new moomoo house too ! super cute

ytd morning ]:

and ending of with lisi and me! [:

Hooked to this recently. started humming the tune when i was bathing LOL