Tuesday, December 20, 2011

...... you this bad boy ]:

you made me cried my night away after i ended work... ]: 

If you follow me on twitter you would know that i recently lost my hamster ]: i had 2 and both are syrians. I was busy working this few days, going out early in the morning and returning home near midnight. I could only feed them in the morning before i go work and after i return home. and i didn't have much time w them esp when i was dead tired from work. so i could only ask mom to give them some bites during the day and all. 
But mom couldn't replace me communicating with them, ( yes actually i talk to them. family are having second thoughts about me being in the house alr lol! ) 

So it was monday night when i just ended work, mom called me and told me that one of them 离家出走 , which actually means left house. i was so worried but i couldn't do anything except to rush home asap. mom told me she checked the entire house but could not find any trace of my hamster. I was holding in my tears thru out the train ride and the train was actually moving at snail pace T__T I rushed back home and not yet reach my house i started crying. I didn't have appetite for dinner and i searched the whole place and still not find him. My sister laughed at me straight when i had tears walking into my room. 

I guess no one really understands the feeling of losing a pet except people owning pets. 

I'm still very sad the next morning and pushed out the sofa and everything to search. I'm in fact pretty unsure how he went out of the house.. it was actually my fault for not closing the cage properly that caused him to run out. 

And so ytd i put the cage on the floor and some food surrounding it hoping it will come back. And if he didn't by the time i'm back home i would just give up. 

Still no sign of him when i'm back home.. ]: 

It's less than a month since we got together, i got you in mind that the female one wouldn't be lonely.. and you still left ]: If you feel you are happier outside so be it. Goodbye bianbian mummy would rmb you!! ( hate you at the same time you fucking waste my $23 cb. ) i still love you anyw [: and if you are able to come home you are still welcomed!! ( but i would stop supplying food for you for 2days as punishment nyahahha ok jk ]: )  

now i just hope the female one is pregnant! [: 


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