Sunday, December 04, 2011

Bro's wedding & many frustrating things

hello!!! been really torturing this few days, i was so damn annoyed by the amount of people in my house. let alone to blog obviously.

Bro's wedding was last friday, and for my mom is a indonesian we have lots of indonesian relatives. And all of them were invited to bro's wedding. The worst thing is, they are staying at our house. Not that actually i mind the amount of people, i mind the noise -.- i can't take it when annoying aunties of mine starts talking and they have really loud voices. so i can't concentrate on my shows or anything. probably about 15-17 ppl living here. yes -.- i can't explained how m.f annoyed i am esp at night where my grandma & one of my aunt started chatting in my room when the lights are out. I was extremely dead beat and needed sleep, can you imagine they started chatting down there and i was fucking annoyed?!

can't explained how irritated i was this few days. but anyw bro's wedding went well and now it's over THEY ALL WENT BACK HAHAH YAY

when was this i don't even rmb hahah

my extremely adorable yet irritating nephew. he starts crying like at 6-7am every morning. very cute. but i no like.

on the day on bro's wedding!
Lisi, my niece ! she's so cute and more obedient as she's much older than her lil brother! we do our best to disturb her HAHA

family! [: and the newly wed hehe.
I look super hime that night! the food was damn awesome not the typical wedding food! bro had special orders for his wedding [: NOMZ. and when the food is good, my dress had to drag me down. it was damn bloody fitting and i had to take small breathes. occasionally i run to the toilet to remove my dress and takes in deep breathe. LOL. most delicious wedding dinner yet the most uncomfortable one.

After considering REALLY LONG. i went ahead to purchase the hamster which i used to own. [: thinking back it's about a year plus since the last batch of bianbian died. if you read my blog i used to own a pair of roboski , male and female. and they started to breed like mad likea sex machine yo. -.- serious. and it became a dozen. i had to buy a bigger cage to contain all of them. well yea they were super cute when they were a baby and all but not when they started fighting. i started finding small bald patches on a few and then a few dead, followed by triplets dying, and then all of them died. i was super sad that time and told myself i wouldn't get a hamster anymore but during my studying of Os period i was damn lonely can. ]:

So i got myself a Syrian ! ^^ i initially wanted a really fat and easily tamed one, which the net said syrian is. i'm starting to doubt it is..... ah well i'll head down to simei later on to get that male one [: she looks super lonely. i didn't want to buy a pair cos i fear that history repeats itself again, but it looks like a few of my frds are willing to adopt the babies from me! so i decided i'll get it later on! heheh.

Bought a new moomoo house too ! super cute

ytd morning ]:

and ending of with lisi and me! [:

Hooked to this recently. started humming the tune when i was bathing LOL



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