Thursday, December 08, 2011

Day 1: Favourite Straw Hat

Day 2: Favourite villain

Day 3: Favourite scene

Day 4: Character you most dislike and why

Day 5: Favourite arc

Day 6: Favourite CP9 member

Day 7: Favourite female character

Day 8: Favourite male character

Day 9: Favourite island visited

Day 10: One thing you liked/hated about

Day 11: One thing you liked/hated about Water 7 (or Alabasta)

Day 12: Favourite Jolly Roger (doesn’t have to be a straw hat)

Day 13: Favourite Manga Cover

Day 14: Favourite pairing (or your OTP)

Day 15: Favourite devil’s fruit ability

Day 16: Favourite background story

Day 17: Favourite temporary straw hat or teammate

Day 18: Favourite marine

Day 19: Favourite running joke or gag

Day 20: Favourite Luffy fight

Day 21: Favourite “crack” pairing

Day 22: Favourite One Piece animal

Day 23: Most annoying character, and why

Day 24: One Piece town/kingdom or island you’d like to live in

Day 25: Why/how did you start watching/reading One Piece?

Day 26: Character you are most like/identify with (be honest! :3)

Day 27: Character you’d want to be like

Day 28: Favourite Baroque Works member

Day 29: Favourite One Piece outfit (worn by any character)

Day 30: Why do you love One Piece?

chance upon this on facebook and find it interesting! i shall do it hahah probably not one per day i'll do as how many post to my mood lol!

I started watching one piece the start of this year, it is not very common of me to watch such a long series of anime but since everyone said it's nice i start watching! HAHA!

Day 1: Favourite Straw Hat
YES SANJI. There's no reason for any one of you NOT to like him! i mean like seriously! He's good looking, cute, humorous and most importantly. HE COOKS. He's like the best man ever yo. i would say i like robin too cos i pretty like her devil fruit power hehe. one thing i don't really like about sanji is that he smokes ]: but only that he smokes gave him the charm RIGHTRIGHTRIGHT?! ( but i still dislike smoking )

Day 2: Favourite Villain

Actually i don't really have a favourite villian in mind.. All the villains i liked became good eventually hahah. but if i were to choose i would say Alvida. Not a very eye catching character but since i'm gna cosplay her so HAHHA

oh god i must be so bored -_- probably gna be long till my next post since i'm starting work tmr yay! and so our plans for picnic chalet party all gna bombed since everyone else is working ]: meh.

Till then ! [:


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