Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hello allll!!!!!!!

Day 3: Favourite scene

hmmmmmmmm... i don't really have one this is almost the same as Day 5 so i'll answer it in Day 5's qns [:

Day 4: Character you most dislike and why

I don't like spandum. He's useless and bullies robin!!!! And i hate all characters who talk too much. LOL.

Day 5: Favourite arc

TOO MANY . There's so many arc i like! Any arc that involves the whole of one piece crew i like [: Arabasta, impel down, thriller bark, water seven etcetc.. damn good. probably i like arabasta and water seven the best. cos vivi was with them in arabasta and i like how they worked tgt [: water seven cos they're die hard to save robin!

I thought i would be hardcore working every single day but ended up slots are taken up so i'll work the weekends again..~ work was pretty simple and not as hard i thought it would be. but it is definitely so tiring that i didn't expect ~.~ Thanks jae again for teaching me and taking me into the job HAHAHAH.

need another $2.2k more!!! URGHHHH i'm starting to think this is a dream alr..~

........sigh. don't know how to celebrate xmas alr ]: or maybe i should work on xmas and xmaseve. sigh.


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