Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hey guys!

I went out with vernice ytd! she asked me out shopping clothes for her cruise, so i bought a few for myself too heheh.

we were at bugis and saw a large crowd over at the bugis square, and then to realized it's vanness ! It's hard to believe his looks changed so much from the F4 period to now. hahah! 

since we were at bugis so went to take purikura~ about 2years since i last took? LOL

we went somerset and for the whole day i told her how excited i was to meet the a&f dudes . if you have no idea what's that.. it's Abercrombie & Fitch and there were shirtless 6packs models outside the shop. we walked a long way just to look for them and just to find a freaking long queue outside the shop. And NO SHIRTLESS GUYS. mad sadness. Just my luck to go down town on the day of the opening of the shop ]:

Anyway it's friday and it's EOY and CF tmr, which is End Of Year and Comic Fest. Not going to any tho. work tmr ]: I would very much want to go cf but it's at msia and i already had problems saving up for taiwan trip ]: eoy is much ridiculous with the $12 or $15 entrance fee. so none. i have zero cosplans alr ]: okay yes probably one piece for next year.. but still ]:

2011 is ending soon! everyone ready for the new year? [:


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