Monday, December 26, 2011

Hey guys! It's 27thDec ! Have you guys had a wonderful christmas? ^^ i actually spent my christmas at home. sleeping. hahah seriously cannot be bothered but still having steamboat with my people on friday! can't wait to see them~

What i've been busy with....

actually nothing. hahah. it's now either work or just nua at home to rest. i love my life now man.

And guess what. i worked ytd, i told boss i would be late so i went at about 12pm. It's so fucking suay that my menses came and the pain starts coming in at about 1pm. which of cos i didn't bring the medicine. i thought about holding it till end of work which is like 10pm and by the time i reach home it's 11+ It's so motherf pain that i had black visions when i was in the toilet. And i just had to met some unhelpful singaporeans. Motherf. i couldn't tolerate and told boss i needa go home. URGH I FUCKING CABBED HOME. i doubt i would be getting that $15 pay and i wasted money cabbing home. great.

i just can't be bothered

almost all of the xmas gifts! cept a few which i gave alr hehe. and if you were thinking that very unusual shape that is in green packaging.. it's actually just deceiving you guys HAHAH cheapo me -_-

some day when i was going to work and this joker with his own style of fashion appeared before me.

we had a new display mug and boss did asked us to design it.. so i was the first to rush over and make it.. LOL. well.. there's no face of me on the displays ma!! ]:

What i've been doing recently !

Besides One piece ( like duh ) i've been watching this !

Smiling pasta!

I chanced upon the song few days back on youtube and it was soooooo nostalgic ! It's not the best storyline since this was aired like 5 years back hahaha but it's so cute! i mean i don't get why people dislikes cyndi wang! she's pretty and cute!

and of cos Nicholas Teo ! I like guys who can smile and he literally melts me HAHAH

and if you were thinking, this is the song !

hooked on it for several days alr. hahah! i would rate it 2.5 / 5 but giving that the casts are so adorable i gave it 3.5 ! ^^



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