Friday, January 27, 2012

FINALLY, deciding that i should really blog after zillions and zillions time of procrastinating.

  • Trannies E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E
  • Motherfucking cheap buys E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E
  • Foot massage every night for $9
  • Once in a lifetime thing, sis and i experienced life&death thru thunderstorm and flood.
  • had roughly 50 coconuts. no i was joking hahah but 5 each day.
  • shopping, shopping, shopping, shopping and more shopping.
  • Tourists takes up 60% of the population, 30% are singaporeans
That pretty much sums up my bkk trip. and a photo to end the bkk section.


If you have known or if you alr know, it's my birthday ytd! (27thJan) I didn't had any plans for the day, and my workmates told me to go work on the day cos they had a surprise for me. Considering i would have stayed home, so i went to work on my birthday ]: ( that sounds totally no life )

I had a lil in mind what they were gna give me, which turn out to be what i expected,

a pudding! i guess they heard too much on my rants on my missing syrian LOLOL they deliberately bought a male one to mate with my female syrian, which is pretty impossible since the syrian was bigger than my palm size and the pudding was so damn tiny ._. Nonetheless i still love them for the gift!!! He is so quiet and well maintain!!

I went off the 6pm to meet my family for my birthday dinner. Momsie then bought me a small cake knowing no one would wna eat the cake if she bought the big one, and she was actually thinking of not buying one but it's too weird not to have a cake on birthday hahah

Attempting countless photowhore with my pudding and failing

Syrian Bianbian and pudding bianbian! which you can call dabian and xiaobian HAHAH fits totally. They are actually of VERY diff sizes if you compare them tgt but i'm afraid they would fight if i put em tgt so i took a photo of them w a distance apart

Another photo of my cutie pie [:

A very special gift from a special person! Thank you very much fahmi!

I should really do dedication post since i'm so very glad for everyone. really!! i wanted a really simple birthday spent and yes i've got it, but everyone spent so much $ for me! i should really name you guys out man [:

-Sheree and Ahchew !
The two very cute workmates of mine! whom we actually got tgt very fun and all on the first day we met each other. It feels like i've known them for a very long time alr! Thank god for them for making my worklife enjoyable! And of cos thanks to them very much for adding a cute lil thing into my bianbian family [:

-Jae !
Whom delivered my present to my doorstep like at 11pm LOL also a very great friend of mine T~T Thank you very much szb!!!!!

- Sissy and ps
which they actually wanted to sponsor for my hair colour which i wanted to do next month, till i randomly said about the sewing machine i wanted to get long ago, sis said i could pick my gift HAHAH OF COS PICK SEWING MACHINE LA MORE HUA RIGHT ok la that was supposed to be sponsored by mom but mom gave me big angpao instead. real big O_O

-fahmi ~~
damn good friend + hubby !! Major to you for the very pretty necklace!! so annoying but yet so funny TSK

and of course all the wishes as well! i enjoy reading them and will probably only get this only every year hahaha Major thanks for every single one of you for making my birthday an enjoyable one [:

And yes to the very particular lady, i am really very very glad you texted me, I never thought we would talk every again ever since so many shit things happen during school. Still very thankful to you for ending my birthday such a joyful way [:



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