Saturday, January 07, 2012

omg hi .

There's been so many times i wna blog during my off but i've been awaiting for my friend to upload her batch of new year's eve pictures so i can blog it ( since i didn't take much pictures w my cam ) but it seems she's not gna do so so........ i shall just blog.

It's the new year alr! How's the first week of 2012 for everyone been so far! i actually spent my first day of 2012 working. YESSSSS. like i went home after countdown it was 5am. my work starts at 11am. i knew i'm not gna make it so early so i went at 1. LOL. My first week of the new year was just.. work, nua, work, nua, work, and more nua. hahaha. i'm so lazy to go out of house during my off alr!

new years eve!

Today's sat and we went to the poly open houses today! we ended up going to TP only cos so mad lazy to go others so far. hahaha. went over to Old airport road for laoban!

most shagged face of mine man. can't be bothered to edit alr!!
most annoying workmate........EVER! hahaha i just found her photo in my phone -_-

oh and a picture of me for 2010's countdown! like a year back....

The near 2mths holiday before the stress day is ending in. a day. i can't fucking believe we are getting our results tmr! It determines where i'm gna go after secondary school. MAD STRESSSSS.

I mean the last time we took our results for major exam were like. 4 years back?! Mom was thr 4 years back. I'm just gna tell myself not to cry omgomgomfg. now that i'm on this topic i'm so stress i have no idea what to blog alr so ok bye guise.


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