Monday, January 09, 2012


I can say that i'm neither very happy nor very sad with my results , even tho i worked mad fucking hard ]: well it's okay! look on the bright side ya, it's over now!

Anyway the entire day was pretty much of a joke. One total big joke. We wanted to be able to go to the hall to get our results instead of staying in the AVA room, so we thought of many ways to get our hair black. Zhilin told me she wanted to borrow my Bob wig, so it became a big joke when we reached school LOL. It ended up we were in the AVA cos we were late. HAHAHA. joke please.

Sexiest midget ever

fucking trouble filling up the 12 choices. -_- today's my only off day to do it....... i better get this over and done with.


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