Sunday, February 19, 2012


I am never a big fan K pop. Not that i dislike but i don't go to the extent of buying albums, posters and knowing every details of them. Well probably a couple of songs that i find catchy and is often listed on my playlist.

Wanqi is a huge fan of Super Junior, and Super Junior as we talk about it everyone would go, ' OHHH i know la the sorry sorry one right *does dance move* '
Yes right hahaha anyway she couldn't get the tix for their concert as it's amazingly blink of eye gone thing and she's like super upset la! but luckily one of our senior's sister was selling and we got 3 T_T *thank god. and for me, she just randomly asked if i wna go and i without thinking agreed. HAHAHA okay that's me when i have to much money -_-

I was super excited la! Seriously i have no idea why i am since i'm not even a fan of them! I think i'm even more excited than wanqi and adeline.

ELF is the name for the fans of Suju !

I was actually more into the crowd man.. The lights are damn gorgeous!

Then halfway thru they flashed their white lights which... i have no idea why hahah but it's damn pretty man. probably the fans had like white light event which represent the song or something la idk! but sho pretty!!!

then thru the song ' Our Love ' we were required to held up the heartshape poster. Man it was magnificent.

I didn't really take alot of pictures as i didn't charge my cam and i was too concentrated into the show hahah! I just literally screamed thruout. But it's super boring as our area was mostly guys/uncles/aunties and not alot of fangirls! Not much fun screaming alone at my area ]:

No concert is fun without lightstick! we intended to get the suju ones but it was sold out, which we then found out 7-11 sells them too HAHAH and at much cheaper price muahaha I told them this is a sibeh hua lightstick cos it has whistle, you can use it when you have no voice to scream hahaha! this actually comes with the cap for whistle. wondering where it gone to seriously. LOL

And way before the concert i told them i might turn into an ELF after that night. and it might really just happen ~_~ And that it's actually very hua to go Suju's concert as there's like so many boys leh! rather than gg for a single person's concert. right!?

I woke up with major muscleache on my right arm and intense sore throat. I actually had whole body muscleache on the morning of the concert as 2 nights before it we tonned xbox kinect.... i died.

Verdict after SS4 ; they look exactly like they are in your computer screen.
Definitely going for more suju events. [:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hello all~

OKAY. Ever since i got my hair cut no one asked me about the length of my hair like 'Why is it so long?' 'Ain't you gna cut it?' 'How do you keep it so long?'

That was before. And now it became the usual thing that people would notice my nails and starts asking why and how is it i can maintain it so well!

I always think life's very fair. If you've got the skill, you've got no looks. If you've got no looks, you'll probably be rich or something la. Like no matter how ugly you think you might be, or how useless you are you are bound to have a good thing within you. I'm always very proud of my nails!! well since i thought i'm fat and not really that good looking nor am i rich, i think the only think i can show off would be my nails HAHAH.

This was the before colour which i had for 3weeks ( CHEERS FOR GELISH )

Here it's bare!! No extensions done! Everyone thought i had extensions on but no!! i kept it long and neat [:

Still very in the mood of gradient nails ~

Actually... i just run of out topic ]: HAHAHAH

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hey guys! Finally picked my lazy ass and blog. And instead of being my usual rants and updates and all i decided to blog on something more interesting! ( i guess )

Yes i'll showing you guys my room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (please feel excited!!!!) I actually wanted to do a video on it but i reallyyyyy suck at video editting so i think i'll do them some other time heh.

Before you guys really scroll down and head on reading, i'll have to declare that i have REALLY MESSY room. i only decided to do a blog post on it like 20mins after i woke up today lol. I swear i didn't pack nor make it messy on purpose for this. it's been like this... since.... almost everyday.

It's been about 3years since i moved into this house, sis and i finally got a room of our own, ( used to be we 4-5 siblings in one ) i rmb we vow that it'll be the prettiest room... lol.......the past...

So.. very obvious from the living room this is our room

I rmb i bought 'P' instead of 'H' is bcos there's no more 'H' and 'P' sounds... fine LOL

getting closerrrrrrrrrrrr

Ta-da~ sis and her bloody idea for having pink room

So becos of my sis's idea we used to have pink bedsheets. That only 2 sets we used we first year of cny we moved in. It then became random cute designs lol
and my bed!! i hate to pack my bed. like afterall i'll be sleeping in it what?! pack so nice for what!!
my usual gaming consoles i had to play before i sleep, and my huggies and all
and the sheep on the right was given by my aunt lol

Sis and i own each our favourites. you will definitely have your favourite toys or softies to hug since you were young right! Mine is in the above photo, the beige one! (not the bear lol was sis) and sis's is in the one in the below photo!

the beige one too. She likes to have this method of placing her 2 favourites, pooh given by her boyf and then her favourite. She likes to hug them and place them nicely on her pillow before she leave her bed every morning. kinda weird huh... i guess thats why we are sisters.

Her table and random shitz

(from the left) my table, dressing table, random drawer putting random things
And if you noticed lol her 21st birthday gift from me was hidden behind. used to be on the wall for a few weeks until it starts to drop down every night.
hairdryer that will forever remain on the floor
extended cable, my phone cable and iphone cable
dressing table. noticing the small mirror, it's for makeup lol dressing table's mirror is too far so we placed a smal mirror near to do makeup easier nyahaha
lol as what you can see. no matter how hard i try to clean up it will revert back within 3days. so i gave up hahaha
First drawer - all the makeup stuffs still . actually mostly owned by me cos sis doesn't really need that much makeup. i don't too. but yea HAHAH
falsies. and more falsies underneath
second drawer - hair needs . straighters curlers hair cream hair spray and owning 3 diff sizes of hair curler......
Wax thing i bought from bangkok HAHA it look damn interesting so i bought it and then to realized i can't use it cos i'll have to buy the machine which cost $20+ -_-

Third drawer - hand bags and random shitz

birthday gift from her friend 3 years ago -_- assuming it's a can of sausage

showing one box from random drawer. hair accessories

and finally my table!!!!

top - cosplay stuffs
4 boxes mostly for books actually . left btm used to be sec books but i cleared them all. right btm is all the mangas yaois (heh) and whole lot of crayon shinchan books (lazy takeout ah) and if you can spot a mini merry go!!
my working table!!
wallet glue thumbdrive ib device deodorant aiya almost all shit is on my table.

that plastic of green/orange bottles are my cream medication for my face used to be on the dressing table till idk how it got on my table ahahaha and ace!!! that was given to me by kaijun on my birthday!!

Sheryl cosplays stuck on. so far.

left drawer which contains.. also random shits hahaha blanko cos i wrote my ib user on it HAHAH
right drawer contains more sentimental stuffs. and wallets. and all of my money in it. you know where to hunt for when robbing my house.
under my table - all the wigs year books
...which contain random stuffs as well ahhaha
finally come to the part which mom dread ALOT. Clothes section hahaha

Box of unwanted clothes i picked out, usual bag i used for work, daily wear clothes that we are too lazy to pack it in the wardrobe. oh and all the clothes we picked and then changed our mind are all on the end of my bed
it was worse a day after i came back from bangkok. really. it stretches out to where my chair is. hahah
Left side of wardrobe - top - pannier photographs CDs etc
Left side of Left - top row - shorts
Left side of Left - second row - daily wear
Left side of Left - third row - daily going out wear
which obviously second and third row got mixed. hahah oh and the right side is a small section for my cosplay costume.
And the right side of wardrobe... All the dresses. 2 luggage and mf big pile of bags right at the bottom right hand corner.
area beside my table, which used to be all my books during O lvl period. now it's my prop...

That's my room for you guys!!!!!!! I alr am mentally prepared if you guys are changing impression of me hahahah( why am i posting this one day before valentines day T_T )

Gna side track! sis's working table! yes we provide manicure services home base!

that's how i always get awesome nails muahaha

and my small family~

caught my bb sleeping at such a cute position awww

will probably do more of such posts more often!! bye!!!!!