Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hello all~

OKAY. Ever since i got my hair cut no one asked me about the length of my hair like 'Why is it so long?' 'Ain't you gna cut it?' 'How do you keep it so long?'

That was before. And now it became the usual thing that people would notice my nails and starts asking why and how is it i can maintain it so well!

I always think life's very fair. If you've got the skill, you've got no looks. If you've got no looks, you'll probably be rich or something la. Like no matter how ugly you think you might be, or how useless you are you are bound to have a good thing within you. I'm always very proud of my nails!! well since i thought i'm fat and not really that good looking nor am i rich, i think the only think i can show off would be my nails HAHAH.

This was the before colour which i had for 3weeks ( CHEERS FOR GELISH )

Here it's bare!! No extensions done! Everyone thought i had extensions on but no!! i kept it long and neat [:

Still very in the mood of gradient nails ~

Actually... i just run of out topic ]: HAHAHAH


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