Sunday, February 19, 2012


I am never a big fan K pop. Not that i dislike but i don't go to the extent of buying albums, posters and knowing every details of them. Well probably a couple of songs that i find catchy and is often listed on my playlist.

Wanqi is a huge fan of Super Junior, and Super Junior as we talk about it everyone would go, ' OHHH i know la the sorry sorry one right *does dance move* '
Yes right hahaha anyway she couldn't get the tix for their concert as it's amazingly blink of eye gone thing and she's like super upset la! but luckily one of our senior's sister was selling and we got 3 T_T *thank god. and for me, she just randomly asked if i wna go and i without thinking agreed. HAHAHA okay that's me when i have to much money -_-

I was super excited la! Seriously i have no idea why i am since i'm not even a fan of them! I think i'm even more excited than wanqi and adeline.

ELF is the name for the fans of Suju !

I was actually more into the crowd man.. The lights are damn gorgeous!

Then halfway thru they flashed their white lights which... i have no idea why hahah but it's damn pretty man. probably the fans had like white light event which represent the song or something la idk! but sho pretty!!!

then thru the song ' Our Love ' we were required to held up the heartshape poster. Man it was magnificent.

I didn't really take alot of pictures as i didn't charge my cam and i was too concentrated into the show hahah! I just literally screamed thruout. But it's super boring as our area was mostly guys/uncles/aunties and not alot of fangirls! Not much fun screaming alone at my area ]:

No concert is fun without lightstick! we intended to get the suju ones but it was sold out, which we then found out 7-11 sells them too HAHAH and at much cheaper price muahaha I told them this is a sibeh hua lightstick cos it has whistle, you can use it when you have no voice to scream hahaha! this actually comes with the cap for whistle. wondering where it gone to seriously. LOL

And way before the concert i told them i might turn into an ELF after that night. and it might really just happen ~_~ And that it's actually very hua to go Suju's concert as there's like so many boys leh! rather than gg for a single person's concert. right!?

I woke up with major muscleache on my right arm and intense sore throat. I actually had whole body muscleache on the morning of the concert as 2 nights before it we tonned xbox kinect.... i died.

Verdict after SS4 ; they look exactly like they are in your computer screen.
Definitely going for more suju events. [:


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