Tuesday, March 27, 2012


School's starting reaaaaaal soon and i'm dreading much. Not to say i've not bought my laptop yet too ]:

Head to Taka with Anna 2 days back to support vernice ! she's working at Takashimaya's watsons for shibuya girls [: stood there for around 10mins deciding if i should get dollywink. i still couldn't make myself to buy lashes that are like $24. T_T dollywink why so overprice!!!!

Artfriend was closed that day for their annual stock taking so we went over to Bra basah's.

like oishii please!
tried gelish marbling for the second time, first time i did it and it failed really badly which all the colours just mixed tgt. well not that bad for the 2nd attempt eh!

got my sis to do my nails cos i'm just mad lazy to change it! And for a change for my 3 continuous gradient colours hahaha.

Not that i don't have long permed black hair before... but i just look like a total tranny here. HAHAHHA

Tranny ong to end the post! Bye!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Random post!

Happy 17th to Tracy! very very belated lol.

Was out with Vernice last friday! Caught Lorax and had korean bbq lol! She also gave me few pairs of lashes cos she bought way too much from taobao LOL she doesn't have enough eyes to use the lashes hahah

My foundation that dropped last year afa dropped again recently. YES i was using the cracked one since then. ]:

This was taken after i filmed my makeup video ! Check it out the previous post or the link!

seriously not looking forward to school at all ]:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

i did my very first makeup video! show some support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [:

Friday, March 02, 2012


hi!! i'm just gna skip cosfest's post cos i didn't cosplay and i went there for 2 days nuaing.

Anw i went uss on thurs with anna and vernice! virgin uss trip!!!

Rides for the whole day and the epic thing happened was vernice puked on the rollar coaster. LOL. yes she did. luckily halfway thru the ride but when the ride ended. wrong move to go on rollar coaster after eating.

and i did a very pointless vlog.

hopefully i'll be able to do more vlogs/covers coming up!!!!!!!


OHYES...... i actually worked on wednesday, which was the last day of the month, and it's been 2 months since my pushcart moved... so we had to move our pushcart.......AGAIN! it's actually my first time moving pushcart and to think we felt it was very fun AT FIRST. -_- we OT for 2 hours...... yawn. and we moved infront of etude house!!! happy maximum. cheers for korean songs. \0/