Saturday, April 21, 2012

New and better life

So........ school started for a week alr. It's really pretty good. really. It's far much better than a year back. I mean new environment, new friends. Like everything has been restarted. Been 2 years since i felt like i'm in the class. not just someone sitting by and waiting time to pass by. Kinda tiring since i'm waking up at the same time i did in sec school but at least it's to somewhere i'm looking forward to! like seriously. people have no idea how much i hated my fucking class. annoying arrogant bunch of shit.

cheers to poly life [:

Anyway it's around 3 weeks since my babies are born and right now they are so.fucking.cute. cute likea fluff ball omg. 

Coming home everyday after school feeling tired but it just perks me up having to spend some time w them. urgh how much more can i love them.

So much things not done!! touch up my black roots, get my rp card photo taken, bleach my brows, get a  new wallet urghhhhhhhh i should just spend my day in my bed. 

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Yet another day

School is starting in 2 days time and i'm not looking forward to it at all...... not one bit. ]: not to say it's a 4 days orientation... so afraid i can't make any friends!! ohgod.
been almost a week since my babies are born [: aish kyeopta~
expect the unexpected hahah! i got myself a tattoo!! and if you were to rate the pain from 1 - 10, i rate it 15. Wanted to get it video-ed but i'm too nervous and forgot all about it... meh. But ohwell!! i love it [:
i'm so nervous for school... ]:

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Eyelid tutorial!

Hello guys!

Haven't really been blogging tho i'm not working and i'm at home almost everyday.

So i did a eyelid tutorial!! Don't really know if it seems like a tutorial cos i really don't know if it benefits anyone... hahahah

I have got to admit... it took me at least 15 takes on the introduction. I'm really bad at talking to the camera... ]: damn low self confidence sigh. so.... show some love for it~ [:


OH! My puddings gave birth!! And guess what. I was watching the whole birth giving process.

It's really amazing to see your hamsters giving birth... i was in awe the whole night! Well, initially i saw blood on some tissue papers, and was about to scream for mom that i saw it, until i scanned the cage and freaking saw a small tiny baby!! I LITERALLY SCREAMED and did so much hand actions hahah!

I mean, i knew she was pregnant. It's pretty obvious she's about 2cm bigger than the male one. And every single morning when i woke up ( i would check them right after i woke ) i would ask mom when is she giving birth! hahahah becos i'm really really very looking forward to the pudding babies. I once had Roboski and they gave birth to a dozen...

but anyway, when she gave to the first one i knew she still had more to come as her tummy is still bulgy. i stood by and watch and saw how the baby came out....... kinda gross but i just wna sit by and give her support!

She gave birth to 6 in total and 2 of them died this morning when i checked it ]: i was really very sad!! just hoping the rest 4 would survive this 2 weeks! it's the crucial period! as long as they are able to survive this 2 weeks it'll be fine w.o the mom. I guess mommabian is tired from giving birth and providing the milk ]:

LOOK AT THEMMMMM so kawaii [:

I'll post the birth video some time later [: Wait for it!