Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Eyelid tutorial!

Hello guys!

Haven't really been blogging tho i'm not working and i'm at home almost everyday.

So i did a eyelid tutorial!! Don't really know if it seems like a tutorial cos i really don't know if it benefits anyone... hahahah

I have got to admit... it took me at least 15 takes on the introduction. I'm really bad at talking to the camera... ]: damn low self confidence sigh. so.... show some love for it~ [:


OH! My puddings gave birth!! And guess what. I was watching the whole birth giving process.

It's really amazing to see your hamsters giving birth... i was in awe the whole night! Well, initially i saw blood on some tissue papers, and was about to scream for mom that i saw it, until i scanned the cage and freaking saw a small tiny baby!! I LITERALLY SCREAMED and did so much hand actions hahah!

I mean, i knew she was pregnant. It's pretty obvious she's about 2cm bigger than the male one. And every single morning when i woke up ( i would check them right after i woke ) i would ask mom when is she giving birth! hahahah becos i'm really really very looking forward to the pudding babies. I once had Roboski and they gave birth to a dozen...

but anyway, when she gave to the first one i knew she still had more to come as her tummy is still bulgy. i stood by and watch and saw how the baby came out....... kinda gross but i just wna sit by and give her support!

She gave birth to 6 in total and 2 of them died this morning when i checked it ]: i was really very sad!! just hoping the rest 4 would survive this 2 weeks! it's the crucial period! as long as they are able to survive this 2 weeks it'll be fine w.o the mom. I guess mommabian is tired from giving birth and providing the milk ]:

LOOK AT THEMMMMM so kawaii [:

I'll post the birth video some time later [: Wait for it!


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