Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I'm an lazy asssssssssssssss hahahha probably just what i'm doing over the month
Korean classes w my sissy didn't go so well cos we're both lazy and nua after school/work  
 Portrait drawing done by one of my classmate!! 
niece li si came to sgp for round a week  
 found old movie tix while searching for a movie that i can't rmb the name nor the story -_- 

 changed thrice nail colours okie kinda avengers hype
buddha classmate
 Avengers drawing i did during class
Shinchan pj that mom got me sho kawaii!!! i mean like hello?! you don't get to sleep with your idol okie

 Bb gave birth again and they died the very next day lol okie la i wanted to let them live but i seriously have no idea who the mom is 
 ww3 in my room ... okie it happens all the time 
and cleaned them all BY MYSELF
 and found a shoe that i bought in bkk 
and had a class outing [: 
And so having mah holidays now for 2 weeks, UT would be coming up right after the holidays and i still have not started studying!! okie as usual hahah 
love my current class so much gna hate the fact we're gna be separated after sem1 ]: 
okie annyeong hope i be back soon


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